Mantras for Meditation: May 26 – June 1

Mantras for Meditation: May 26 - June 1

The Power of Mantras

The last week of mantras for meditation in this merry month of May is going to be a week of wonderful opportunities to change, develop, and learn even greater things about yourself. This week’s mantras comes to you from a walking meditation I did last week on your behalf. As with all my clients, I focus on what my guides are showing and what my own intuition displays. On this walking meditation, there was a great deal to explore and share! So, let’s begin.

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May 26

“Today I will remember that I will never make anyone a priority in my life if they view me only as an option.”

This day may be filled with noise and obligations, but it’s also a day when you may have the chance to see just how important you are in someone’s life. You may be having a relationship issue, and it may be time to reconsider the direction you’ve been going and the efforts you’ve been making to keep this connection alive. If you’ve ever had a relationship reading with me, you may have heard me say, “Relationships are like any other kind of investment. If you’re investing 80% of your entire paycheck (and you’ve been doing this over a long period of time), and it only has about a 30% yield, how long do you continue to invest almost everything you have? Certainly, your heart is worth infinitely more than your paycheck!” When it comes to your relationships, only you can determine when to call it quits or when to stay.

May 27

“If opportunity doesn’t seem to knock, today I will build a door!”

You may notice things are beginning to change in your life, according to your mantras for meditation. Part of this change is being brought on by your perception. You are certainly beginning to look at the world differently—more positively. You are beginning to feel your own infinite power and resolve too. Great job!

May 28

“Today I will do more to make my mind and body healthy and sound. I will not judge myself. I will celebrate who I am!”

As the Earth prepares to enjoy tomorrow night’s Full Moon, you may begin to feel the energy rising within you today. Your energy may feel like it’s waxing as full as the Moon herself! Also, you may be meeting someone new today who can change a great deal of your life. Many wonderful things are certainly waiting for you to discover!

May 29

“Today I will look to Nature and I will honor our time together. I will feel our connection and I will know that I am just fine where I am and as I am.”

A beautiful Full Moon is going to greet you tonight, according to your mantras for meditation. Make a point to see it, if possible. Connect with the natural world and let your soul take a deep breath of the power and majesty of the world around you. When was the last time you walked on green grass or explored a forest? Did you know that pine trees offer a natural bronchodilator and you naturally feel like taking a deeper breath when you are around lots of pine trees? Your body and spirit are intimately linked to the natural world, so allow them to connect! Nature never hurries, yet everything is completed on time.

May 30

“I begin this day with an open and grateful heart. I bring into my life those who will cherish me.”

As we begin a new lunar cycle, you may want to utilize this time by planting something. Prepare for its growth and rejuvenation. You may also want to volunteer and help some people who really need your compassion. Regardless of what you do, do something today that will make the world a better place. Just think about the issues most important to you. Are you concerned with climate change, politics or animals? Now’s a great time to start looking into activities that take you beyond current obligations and offer you a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people.

May 31

“I will consider my opportunities and be thankful!”

The last day of May can offer some new opportunities for your relationship. If you already have a relationship, it may begin to deepen now. However, if  you’re searching for the “right one,” you may very well meet them today.

June 1

“I will not allow any bad thoughts of yesterday tarnish the good that is within today.”

Welcome to June! This is the month that will say goodbye to spring while it welcomes summer. This month is filled with potential. Where do you want to go? What are your desires? Hopefully, you have been following your meditations and speaking your mantras. With that foundation firmly in place, the only things missing are your commands. Your mantras for meditation say this is the month to make such wonder becomes reality. Today is the first day of a month of genuine power!

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