Mantras for Meditation: October 27 – November 2

Mantras for Meditation: October 27 - November 2

The Power of Mantras

This week offers us Halloween, also known as Samhain to the ancient Celts. In many areas of modern-day Ireland and Scotland, this time of year is still known as Samhain. It’s also a time when the veil that separates our physical world from the worlds of other dimensions is at its thinnest. At this time, communion with the departed is the easiest to achieve, and old ghost stories seem to ring a bit “truer” than if told any other time of year. Here are your mantras for meditation.

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October 27
“My dreams are showing me the answers to all of my questions.”

If you feel stuck in your life, take a moment and do this about 30 minutes before falling asleep: Tell yourself that you need to find the answer to your question. The next morning, make sure you have something to write down your dreams. Within two or three nights, you’ll have your answer. Open your mind. Your unconscious mind already has the answer, according to your mantras for meditation!

October 28
“I do not think of all the misery, but of the beauty that remains.” – Anne Frank

I recently went to Amsterdam and took a tour of the Anne Frank House and I was struck by her family’s sheer passion and determination to survive. But even though their experience was beyond miserable, young Anne chose to focus on whatever beauty she could find. When you recognize beauty, even in the worst situations, you help yourself feel better. And when you share that beauty with others, you help them feel better too. Your mantras for meditation remind you to see the beauty around you and share its mastery with others.

October 29
“I can’t go back to make a new beginning, but I can start over and create a new ending!”

Just because you aren’t able to go back to your younger days and repair the damage you may have done, that doesn’t mean you can’t start today with a fresh outlook and a new level of determination that can change the outcome of your future. You are in complete control of your life. No more excuses!

October 30
“Courage and perseverance are magical talismans before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.”

Accomplishments are always the result of a willingness to endure, suffer, and continue on. If you have a real goal,  you can certainly accomplish it with courage and perseverance. Never stop!

October 31 Samhain/Halloween
“I accept the vastness of which I cannot see with my mortal eyes. I will accept that this hidden energy is part of me and I can tap into its power whenever I need it.”

This is such an exciting time of year! I hope you’ll make an effort to have a genuinely entertaining time. Tap into your inner child and have some fun. After all the energies quiet, and midnight approaches, be sure to spend a few moments breathing in the infinite multiverse that is within you and without you.

November 1 (Días de los Muertos!)
“I will give thanks to all those who have come before me and I will be an equally important factor in the lives of those who follow after me.”

Días de los Muertos technically begins on the evening of October 31 and lasts through November 2. However, for the sake of brevity, we will use this traditional time of November 1 to honor the ancestors. It’s the perfect time of year for you to give thanks for the sacrifices that were made to get you onto this plane of existence. It’s an even better time to make sure you will lead by example in the future.

November 2
“My gratitude is expanding, and my dreams are bringing me into the reality I choose to create.”

This is certainly a moment to reflect on how many wonderful things fill your life, according to your mantras for meditation. Your needs are met, and you are working on the fulfillment of your dreams and goals. As you move into this quiet time of reflection and appreciation, don’t forget how powerful you are and how good your life is.

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