Mantras for Meditation: April 21 – 27

Mantras for Meditation: April 21 - 27

The Power of Mantras

This week’s mantras for meditation will focus on personal fulfillment and empowerment. As you travel through these days, allow yourself to reconnect with the aspects of your journey that may become more difficult to find when the responsibilities of the day take precedence.

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As you read through the mantras offered here, embrace the deeper experiences your higher self (and your unconscious mind) is offering. Never forget that you are a spiritual being experiencing a physical process of change and evolution. These mantras are gifts from a greater dimension and they are intended to aid you on your journey this week so enjoy and utilize these messages!

April 21 (Release)

“Today I will release all thoughts that prevent me from feeling contentment and joy.”

You’ll find yourself thinking about things that may, in the past, have prevented you from experiencing your life in its fullest form. This mantra is not about forgetting; it’s about releasing. Just let it go because today is a day to move on. However, if you find yourself being pulled into thoughts about your past or someone from your past, it’s time to ask yourself why it matters anymore. You cannot change the past, but you can use the lessons learned (regardless of how difficult they might have been) to become the foundation for a richer and more enjoyable life.

April 22 (Communication)

“Today I will open my mind to a new experience. I will hear what my heart needs to say.”

You will obtain good news from a distance. Just keep your heart and mind open to new ideas and opinions. Allow yourself to explore another way of thinking too. The Universe is continually communicating ideas and opportunities to you. Remember, all of life is multidimensional and you are never too old to learn new things—or too young to know everything!

April 23 (Guidance)

“Today I will learn something new.”

Someone is coming into your world as a teacher, so know that guidance can come in many forms. Listen to your intuition, for they are the ultimate teacher. Are you wise enough to seek counsel when you’re struggling to hear your intuition? As humans, we are geared to be social animals. We simply do better when we are connected with other human beings and each person you encounter has a story worth hearing.

April 24 (Opportunity)

“This is the day I will invite and embrace the opportunity to have what I truly desire in my life.”

Your life is beginning to align with your desires! Be wise enough to recognize opportunity when it arrives at your door because this is a time ripe for change and development. As the season of spring unfolds, your life is opening to opportunities that have been “sleeping” for a while. Just as all the beautiful flowers that are now showing their grace to the world were hidden for a long season, so your opportunities for achieving your dreams are unfolding.

April 25 (Emotions)

“Today I will balance my emotions. I will not allow fear to lead my decisions.”

You may find yourself in a situation that may seem overwhelming so be true to your moral compass. This moment of uncertainty will pass, however, you should seek a trusted life path psychic before proceeding and quiet your mind.

How many of your most regrettable decisions of the past were made with swift abandon and based on fear? The “what ifs” can quickly become deadly to a free and perfect heart like yours. The good news is that the vast majority of the most outrageous and fearful things you can imagine never come to pass. They never have, and they never will. Whatever you make your focused thought is what you will materialize and what you fear is what you face. Remember, emotions are like water: They are mutable, powerful, and have the force to heal or destroy. Choose wisely!

April 26 (Vision)

“Today I will receive more and settle less.”

It’s time to raise your standards to match your end goals. Do you find yourself settling for less than you desire? Instead, grant yourself the same priority as you do for others. The most forgotten part of the Golden Rule is that part about loving yourself too. So love others as you love yourself. It all begins with you!

April 27 (Relax)

“Today I will be gentle with myself and listen to the needs of my body.”

Did you know that most of your body’s ability to heal and regenerate happens while you are in deep sleep? Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and relaxation. It’s so easy to think that watching television on the couch is relaxing. That’s not the kind of relaxing your body needs. Think about what your body is needing instead. For example, when was the last time you took yourself for a walk outside? Breathe the fresh air and watch the seasons change before your eyes!

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