Mantras for Meditation: April 28 – May 4

Mantras for Meditation: April 28 - May 4

The Power of Mantras

It has been a true honor to write these inspired mantras for meditation for you, gentle reader. However, it has been brought to my attention that some of you may not know exactly what a mantra is or why they are so important.

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A mantra is a sacred utterance or sound. It can be a sentence that resounds deep in your spirit when spoken aloud. It will be an idea or a series of sentences that, when spoken, emit a very special energy that can redirect much of your journey at any given moment of time. The messages in the mantras this week generate from the natural world and wise people who embrace the real potential of the human experience. There are important messages for you in these words and as you speak your daily mantra aloud, let the sacred melody of your voice blend with your spirit. Let the words charge your energy and bring great happiness to you too.

April 28
“I am the sky. I am powerful and enduring. Everything else is only distraction.”

You will find yourself trying to prioritize several things today and it certainly feels as if you are running in circles. You may feel weary or unappreciated too. However, do not allow those thoughts to remain as a central focus in your day. The answers to your challenges are about to reveal themselves.

April 29
“I am created from the stardust of the beginning of time. I have a right to be here!”

You are meeting some challenges head-on, however, do not try to avoid the confrontation. Your voice and your perspective matter, so speak your truth clearly and courageously!

April 30
“Today I will greet each encounter in gratitude.”

You will discover a hidden bit of good fortune today. It may seem like only a slight windfall, but it will test your ability to recognize and utilize a gift from the Infinite. Life does not have to be “perfect” to be perfectly wonderful.

May 1
“I am love in motion and intent. I receive and create boundless love.”

This is a wonderful day to embrace your goals, according to you mantras for meditation. You’ll receive unexpected support from a person with whom you have not been in contact for a while. Be good to yourself and celebrate those who celebrate you. You are making delightful connections with someone who has been in the distance until now. You are cherished by more people than you realize. Throughout the world, this day is considered very special, so make it a special day for yourself, too.

May 2
“I am worthy of good things and joy has made a home in my heart.”

Today is a great day to treat yourself to something a little out of the ordinary. However, your gift does not have to cost a great deal of money (or any money at all, for that matter). Whether it is a walk on your favorite footpath or a massage and facial, do something endearing for yourself. You won’t regret it. Remember, you can do anything but not necessarily everything at once. Be good to yourself and celebrate those who celebrate you.

May 3
“Today I will focus on the now. A galaxy of discovery awaits me in every minute.”

Buddha said that at the end of our journey, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how many things not meant for you, you released. Therefore, this is a moment in time when you will find yourself releasing things you have grown beyond. Remember, we are not intended to drag our past into our future in every case. Sometimes releasing old thoughts or images is exactly what we need to do to grow in a new and more enriching direction.

May 4
“Today I will quiet my mind and hear the words of a fellow human being.”

The poem/prose/essay “Desiderata” was written by an accountant, Max Ehrmann, at the beginning of the Great Depression. As an accountant, Mr. Ehrmann suffered a great deal when the initial calamity hit and, I’m sure, it was tremendously difficult to find his balance under such circumstances. However, he managed to quiet his mind and write, in my opinion, the owner’s manual for the human experience. “Desiderata” is Latin for “things desired.” The words Mr. Ehrmann wrote became a mantra for many of us who grew up in the 60s and 70s and the words are just a true today.

Today you will encounter someone with whom you have nothing in common, yet there will be an opportunity for communication. Allow yourself to hear the words of someone who is completely outside of your comfort zone. As mentioned in the Desiderata: “Listen to others. Even the dull and ignorant. They, too, have their stories.”

Regardless of what instability may appear on the world stage, there is always a way to keep peace with your soul.

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