Mantras for Meditation: May 5 – 11

Mantras for Meditation: May 5 - 11

The Power of Mantras

This week’s mantras for meditation mark the beginning of our exploration of the ancient Nordic language known as runes. Throughout most of the month of May, I’ll be using these sacred stones as selected by my guides and, in turn, the great Infinite to impart the images and information you need to navigate this week. These glyphs date back more than 2500 years and each stone has a very special symbol (rune) that denotes an attribute (or warning) of the spiritual journey.

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The word “rune” means “secret” or “mystery.” As I meditated this week and sought the guidance that may help you along the week’s journey, I realized that we are always moving through a mystical maze and the “secrets” are revealed one piece at a time. Sometimes the maze can seem like it’s impossible to understand, and it may seem like you’re stuck in an endless rut or routine. It may also seem like your life has very little purpose. However, nothing could be further from the truth!

As you wander through this ever-changing labyrinth of life, the runes certainly have a wonderful way of amplifying the path you’re taking and clarifying the cloudiness of doubt and worry. This week promises to be one of enlightenment, curiosity, and empowerment too. Let’s get started!

May 5 (Berkana)
“Everything I do today will certainly bring about the future I choose.”

The Nordic rune for today is Berkana. It’s a sign of new beginnings and new growth. It’s a wonderful rune for this time of year and my guides chose this stone to impart the good news that this day offers. We often forget how many possibilities exist to any given challenge. Therefore, you may make a discovery today that will enhance many moments in your future!

May 6 (Gebo)
“I will hustle until my haters ask if I am hiring! I have the ability within me to reach my goals!”

Today gives you the rune of Gebo. Its symbol is a large “x.” It portends that an unexpected boon of good luck may come to you. Gebo symbolizes the ability to create something of beauty from within yourself and you certainly have talents you have yet to utilize! Therefore, it would be wise to take a few moments today and spend some time thinking about who you really are and where you want your life to go.

May 7 (Wunjo)
“Today I will forget what has gone and I will be part of what remains. I will look to the future with gratitude.”

The rune for today is Wunjo. It symbolizes the joy of life and the comfort of living in harmony with your surroundings. It’s a stone that reminds us to “stop and smell the roses.” When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you felt true harmony with your surroundings? Today is the day to close your eyes and feel the peace of your spirit. It’s amazing how it ripples out into the Infinite!

May 8 (Uruz)
“Today I will nurture my true self and embrace my ever-expanding strengths!”

The sacred symbol created by the Teutonic people (the Norse, in this case) is known as Uruz. This glyph reminds us to use our strengths and be tenacious in our pursuits too. It portends to your future and warns that many things can change suddenly, and you should always make sure you are strong enough to keep standing! Life is certainly powerful and ever-changing.

May 9 (Ansuz)
“Today I will make myself proud and I will be my courageous best!”

Today’s rune is Ansuz. It urges you to speak your truth and use your voice too. This rune signals a day of real inspiration! Is there a situation in your life where you feel dominated and you hesitate to express what’s in your heart? Think wisely and speak what’s in your heart with confidence and reason.

May 10 (Dagaz)
“I am progressing toward the future I have created. I am competent and determined to make my future dreams happen, too.”

My guides brought to me the rune of Dagaz. This runic offering portends to an awakening in your life. It’s a breakthrough that has been long sought. Today you may find yourself nearing the end of a stage in your life and breaking through to begin another, even greater, stage.

May 11 (Eihwaz)
“I greet this day in gratitude. I am still standing, and I am dancing into my future!”

As we close out this week, the rune for today is Eihwaz. This rune is about letting go of the things that hold you down. It’s also acknowledging the things you’ve gone through and seeing a bigger picture that’s not limited to your past experiences. You are certainly endless and boundless! Therefore, cherish who you are and protect your spirit. Love wisely and release your past too so it no longer limits your future.

If you ever find yourself needing counsel as you navigate this maze called life, please don’t hesitate to call me. I am, like the other advisors of California Psychics, here to help you when you need it most.

Have a great week!

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