Maximize Your Psychic Potential

Beginning the Journey Towards Psychic Ability

Our senses are powerful. Beyond the tactile, physical experiences of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, we have the power to perceive. Whether through spontaneous knowledge, gut feelings (aka, instincts), inner voices or a host of other psychic channels, we have access to all the information we need to successfully navigate the world and create lives of our choosing. How can you harness your intuition in whatever form it takes? Read on to find out!

Know Your Instrument(s)

Information comes to us all in different ways. To begin tapping into your own psychic resources, it’s vital to know how you receive the universe. While being psychic is commonly thought of as having “visions,” seeing events (past, present or future) is only one of the many ways in which these experiences occur. You may hear what can be described as an inner voice or instructions from an unknown force (clairaudience). You may feel others’ ailments, emotions or experiences in your body (clairsentience or being empathic). You may simply possess knowledge you’d have no feasible way of knowing were it not being granted you (claircognizance). In order to assess your psychic channels, spend a week or so making note in a journal of any out-of-the-ordinary experiences you havea look, a sound, an instinct that clues you into something.

Clear Your Cache and Set Your Intentions

A psychic mind can be cluttered if it’s not properly tended to. That means acknowledging your intent to go deeper into yourself and your innate capabilities. A little intention goes a long way! It also means taking time out to meditate, do yoga or simply get some peace and quiet on a regular basis (preferably at least twice a day). As you become increasingly attuned to yourself and your surroundings, you’ll likely find yourself given more and more information. You’ll need to be sharp to process it.

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Differentiate Information From Ego

Being psychic is not about being special, different or superior. It’s about realizing your potential by becoming aligned with yourself and your surroundings. To maximize your psychic abilities, you’ll need to be able to differentiate between the messages you receive from your own mind (ego) and those flowing through your increased consciousness. Practice knowing the difference by getting to know yourself on as deep a level as possible. Thus, when information arises (however it comes), you’ll be able to release control over your mind and truly go with your gut, as that’s where the messages come from!

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  1. Aisha

    Thanks for this article Shauna! Great job. I like how simply you explained the psychic capacity of everyone. Many of my friends often thing that they need to hear bells ringing or angels singing in order to know they are “psychic” – Although I try to explain this to them on occasion, I like the way you have explained it simply and concisely. I will definitely point them to your blog post the next time the subject comes up!


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