Quiz: What Drives You?

When was the last time you felt inspired? Whether it’s at work, in your love life or related to your hobbies, friendships or exercise regimen, knowing what gets you going can be a powerful tool toward achieving your goals. Your motivations hold the key to your aspirations. By understanding why we do things, we can change how we do them – and improve our results!

Take our quick score-it-yourself quiz and find out what drives you. Then calculate how to make the most of it!

1. You’ve just started a new workout plan, diet or ritual (such as journal writing). You will most likely stick to it if…

a. You have a sincere, strong desire to reach your goal: “I want to be able to say I did what I set out to do!”
b. You have a friend doing it with you: “I’m always better if others are relying on me.”
c. The process and end result are important to your internal growth: “I know it’s time for a change, and I’m ready!”
d. Your health requires it.
e. It will improve your standing within the community (among your professional, personal or romantic circles, or any and all of the above).

    2. You’ve been working particularly hard lately, but you feel good about it because…

    a. It’s clear, at the moment, that you have a purpose. You’re always best when you’re using your brain and talents.
    b. This is improving your relationship with your boss and your co-workers. That team spirit is in the air!
    c. You’re learning your own strengths and weaknesses – all of which will better prepare you for future challenges.
    d. You’re getting overtime pay or a bonus – or you’ve been assured that the importance of your role is being solidified by your efforts.
    e. You’re getting closer to the top of the ladder.

      3. You’ve been working really hard lately, but you feel horrible about it because…

      a. There’s no end in sight – you’ve only got exhaustion to show for your troubles!
      b. Your boss doesn’t appreciate it, or your co-workers resent it. So what’s the point of giving 110%?
      c. Busy work is fine for a time, but at a certain point, you’ve got to get something out of what you’re doing… or it’s pointless!
      d. People who are working just as hard have gotten laid off or fired recently – all the effort doesn’t even guarantee you’ll keep your job, never mind getting a raise or a bonus.
      e. You’re seen as a grunt. The boss (or anyone who’s important) never has to work this hard.

      4. You’re hosting a party… You’ll feel like it was a hit if…

      a. The food, drinks and music are awesome, and a great time is had by all.
      b. The mix of people is perfect – and strangers wind up becoming friends.
      c. The conversation is intriguing. Interesting topics are broached, and the discussion continues long into the night.
      d. Everyone agrees that your parties are the best.
      e. It looks really expensive (even if it wasn’t), and everyone is duly impressed.

      5. Which sounds like the best way to spend a weekend night?

      a. Using that free time to get some extra work done. I can sleep or socialize do when I’m old – or dead!
      b. Getting out and about with the people I like most.
      c. Sitting around a dinner table with like-minded people, solving the problems of the universe – or at least talking about them!
      d. Networking with my bosses and colleagues at the office event of the week.
      e. Networking at an industry event, where I can make my presence known.

      6. You run into an old friend or acquaintance. You’re most likely to talk about:

      a. What you’ve been doing professionally.
      b. Your love life.
      c. How much you’ve changed since way back when…
      d. Money.
      e. How you compare to your mutual friends.

      People are motivated by different factors, so if you answered…

      Mostly A, you’re motivated by Achievement
      You’re someone who likes to meet their goals – less for the recognition, perhaps, than for the sense of accomplishment and purpose that meeting those goals provides. You like to feel like your days have meaning and that you’re contributing to the world around you. To get ahead in any arena, you’ll want to make it a point to set goals as often as possible, and to update them whenever necessary. By keeping your heart’s desires in sight (and yourself on track), not only are you laying down a road map to get you where you want to go over the long haul – you’re also giving yourself the gift of little achievements along the way. This increases your odds of meeting your larger goals, by keeping the feeling of success fresh in your mind, and reminding you why you’re doing these things in the first place.

      Mostly B, you’re motivated by Relationships
      You’re a people person. You need to be social, and you care very much that you’re liked. You’re apt to spend time participating in activities that ensure your relationships are strong, friendly and respectful. To give yourself an advantage in any endeavor, do whatever you can to facilitate interactive group activity. Build a team to accomplish a project at the office – or suggest a team (if you’re in a subordinate role) and give your all in your role as a part of it. Include group dates as part of your romantic repertoire, so that you and your significant other can socialize, forging outside relationships together. Recruit a friend or two to be your workout buddies, so you can benefit from exercise – and each other’s company.

      Mostly C, you’re motivated by Growth
      Some people have a higher calling… and yours might be described as trying to maximize your personal growth during your time here. Always on a quest for self-improvement, you find enjoyment in activities that expand your self-awareness, knowledge and consciousness. You’re apt to dive in head first when you sense there is something to be learned from an experience, assignment or exchange. So if you can frame your larger goals and daily tasks as endeavors of expansion, focusing on where you can bolster your strengths, lessen your weaknesses and increase your knowledge base, you’re more likely to give projects your all.

      Mostly D, you’re motivated by Security
      You are someone who values predictability, and thrives when they know they can count on certain expectations to come to fruition. Rather than making mounds of money, you are driven by what is going to keep you safe and secure – certainly no worse off than the current status quo. Understandable – and for many, relatable – the trouble with this attitude is that depending on how far you take it, it may prevent you from taking chances or achieving anything more than the bare minimum you need to “get by.” You might want to make a list of your true needs, and detail what you’re doing to meet them. With that done, you can rest easy that you are secure, and get onto the business of thriving – rather than simply surviving!

      Mostly E, you’re motivated by Power
      Let’s face it – you’re in it to win it. By your standards, that means being – and being seen as – the best at whatever it is that you do. As a result, you’re driven to do anything that increases your control over a situation, or improves how you’re perceived, especially in comparison with your peers. If you can curb your power-hungry tendencies and aim to earn others’ respect – as opposed to controlling them – you’ll keep your friends along the way.

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