Recreate, Improve, Evolve, and Rejoice!

Improve Evolve Rejoice

Improve Yourself This Fall!

Summer has come to a close and we’re saying goodbye to warm nights, beach parties and backyard BBQs. Some of us have had wonderful vacations to reminisce about for years to come. What about you? Do you have wonderful summer memories or has not much changed for you since the start of the season? Are you doing what makes you happy? Are you in a happy relationship? If you haven’t made much progress towards your goals, the changing of the seasons from summer to fall is the perfect time to get back on track! Get ready to recreate, improve, evolve and rejoice. This is a great time for a self-project.

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Looking Inward

Now that the weather is cooler and the days a shorter, it’s time to look inward. Take time to assess yourself. It’s kind of like looking into a mirror. What do you see looking back at you? Do you like it, or do you want to improve it? What do you want to replace it with?

A Psychic Caller

Recently I had the privilege of speaking to a young lady who called about her relationship. My guides began telling me, “She is very psychic!” I told her my message from the other side. She laughed nervously and replied, “How did you know? Sometimes, I think I’m just crazy!” She told me that she had several different Tarot decks but rarely touched them. Our conversation redirected itself to her spiritual advancement. Her relationship was tied to her spiritual growth! She felt that she was placed in her partner’s life to help him get in touch with his emotions. He often presented himself as apathetic, and only recently began expressing his feelings to her. Their relationship, though sometimes rocky, has the fundamentals to survive and thrive.

Her Time for Self-Discovery

Her boyfriend had become aware of her abilities but was a little uneasy about her ability to know many things about him. I advised her on how to develop her abilities, and I showed her how to tune in to her inner voice and how her dreams were her spirit guides working to guide her through this wondrous time of self-discovery.

Begin With the Self

Self-improvement always begins with The Self. What do you want your life to be? No one but you can answer that question. You are so powerful! The power to change lies solely within YOU! This is your time. You are ready to take on the challenges that get in the way of you recreating your life and improving yourself. You only need to be willing to envision the possibilities and believe they are attainable, because they are. A psychic advisor can help you realign yourself with your inner truth.

Assess Yourself With Compassion

Every day is an opportunity to progress toward the life you desire to live. Begin your day with gratitude and know that you are here on this planet at this time in history for a reason. You are capable of just about whatever you put your heart and mind to. Assess yourself with compassion.

Try not to allow yourself to become angry or bitter with your life’s direction. Negative emotions such as these drop your vibratory rate, which in turn only slows the progress of self-improvement. Understand that you probably didn’t know any better and leave it there.

Take time to enjoy the beauty of nature, listen to music and admire the greatness of humanity. Now, more than ever, we need to see the greatness of all people. Our global need for tolerance and compassion starts with the individual. We can heal ourselves and improve our world as a whole, one person at a time. Never forget you are a “temple” created through love.

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  1. Tracy

    Absolutely beautiful, thank you so much! We need to internalize these uplifting messages now more than ever I think! Peace, blessings, and love!


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