Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: December 22 – 28

Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: December 22 - 28

The Power of Mantra Meditations

We are now standing in the midst of the last full week of 2018, and what a wild ride it’s been! So many lessons have been learned and even more have been created in our wake as we passed through such a monumental year. There is a feeling of exhilaration and wonder too as we turn the pages of another year’s book. Moving ahead is so much better than being stuck on the same page to be read over and over again, and you mantra meditations agree!

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This week’s mantra meditations begin following the shortest day of the year. The Winter Solstice marks the turning from the longest night to the ever-lengthening light. It’s here to also serve as a metaphor for the courage to hope—even during the darkest of nights. Remember, if you have the courage to seek the light, it will always find you in due time.

December 22

“The moment I believe everything is finished is the moment when the door opens to new beginnings.”

There are so many wonderful, often small, beginnings to find in moments of the ordinary. This is a perfect day to observe and embrace all of the miraculous opportunities you might have otherwise overlooked. All around you are moments to share your kindness and acknowledge your role in the human experience. Your mantra meditations want to remind you that you are a wonderful addition to the human family!

December 23

“My day will be much brighter if I give people a piece of my heart instead of a piece of my mind.”

This is a time of year that can feel crowded and noisy. It’s almost expected that we feel edgy and take our frustrations out on others. Instead, take this moment to breathe deeply and calmly. Slow down. Turn off the endless bad news that drones out over every piece of technology at your disposal. Embrace the simple joys all around you today too and share that good energy along the way. Do something kind for a complete stranger and understand that you don’t get to decide what they do with your generosity. You are only responsible for your efforts.

December 24

“I am genuinely grateful to be alive today and I want to help someone else feel this too.”

It’s amazing to see what a changed perception can do as it moves beyond that person and affects others in all directions. Therefore, take a moment and celebrate all you are and all those you love. Share that emotion with those who may be struggling today, especially. It can save a life!

December 25

“The only gifts that matter are the ones from my heart. I will offer my presence more than my presents.”

Instead of going quite mad and buying the things few want (and fewer still want to keep), bake some cookies or offer something you created to those near you. Go to a homeless shelter after the “big meal” and offer to clean up. Drop off some clean bedding at your local animal shelter. This could be your most fulfilling and soul-positive holiday yet!

December 26

“I am grateful for the rough times in my life. Without them, I would never know when the smooth times arrived.”

All of life moves within the yin/yang flow of energy. Within any light is a small moment of darkness and within any moment of darkness rests a spark of light. The darkness will fade in time. You will see that it was important to stay still and wait for the light to reveal itself. Everything is happening on its own schedule, not yours, according to your mantra meditations.

December 27

“With all of the obligations and demands placed on my life by the needs of others, I am thankful to have so much love around me too.”

Sometimes we forget the power of compassion. When we help others, whether they’re within our personal circle of friends and family, or whether they’re across the globe, we activate a part of a sacred and divine web that resonates like the strings of a piano. When one of the powerful strings are plucked by a master tuner, the entire instrument resonates from the action. Such is the same with every effort we make, each word we speak, and each thought we think. Energy is not space specific; it denies and defies time.

December 28

“I will remind myself to look up throughout the day. I have seen the ground; now it is time to see the sky and fly!”

It’s easy to become so caught up in what you’re projecting that you forget to live your life with deliberation and purpose. As we prepare for the closing of 2018, please take some time today and look at the beauty of winter. You are surrounded by sights and sounds that aren’t available any other time of year.

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