Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: January 12 – 18

Your Mantra Meditations: January 12 - 18

The Power of Mantra Meditations

Many of you may feel like the excitement of the past few months has begun quieting down—as with all things, what goes up eventually comes down. However, it’s my hope to help you navigate this transition and use this time to expand and broaden your personal horizons. This week’s mantra meditations are based on the amazing and often overlooked, power that belongs to you this time of year. During the transition from holiday craziness back to healthy balance, you’ll find a genuine wealth of revelation and strength.

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As I prepared for this week’s mantra meditations, I asked the Infinite for a vision that could help you all rise above your obligations and ride the winds of change as they move you toward your greatest, most genuine, and authentic selves. They were able to show me the importance of humility and the vitally important embracing of gratitude. When we incorporate these two attributes into our daily lives, we are all more happy, fulfilled and unstoppable! It’s my sincere hope that you benefit from each mantra presented. May this be a wonderful week for you all.

January 12

“True humility is not found in thinking less of ourselves. It is discovered when we think of ourselves less.”

When you fully accept yourself, completely, you find that you’re at peace with the world around you. You’ll have no interest in what feeds your ego exclusively too. You’ll also be able to easily tolerate the opinions of others and the need to max out the credit cards and constantly consume simply goes away.

January 13

“Opportunities can often appear so small or insignificant that they are easily overlooked and disregarded. However, they are, in fact, the seeds that create all dreams.”

Each moment of your life opens doors to the opportunities you need in order to achieve your goals. Look at the lives of great people. One of the things they all have in common is that they look for and use hidden opportunities. Therefore, if you want to make a lofty dream a reality, begin by networking and finding those lovely hidden bits!

January 14

“Today I will cultivate the mindfulness of love. In this act, the problems of the world will fade.”

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. From the admiration of freshly fallen snow to the joy of holding someone you love, love is love. It vibrates at different frequencies for each encounter, but it can only grow and blossom when we see that it exists. There is no such thing as meaningless love. Therefore, celebrate each moment when any form of healthy love is on offer.

January 15

“Abundance is not something I can acquire. It is only found when I tune into the life around me.”

Do you have what you need to stay warm, healthy, and safe? If so, you have great abundance, according to your mantra meditations. Chances are you have far more than what you actually need. When your acquisitions become burdens (they cost too much, are no longer useful, etc.), it’s time to ask why you felt you needed them so much? For what are you trying to compensate? The world is a very wonderful place when you are free from the burdens you create for yourself.

January 16

“Happiness is not something that makes me grateful. Gratitude is what makes me happy.”

As you go about your day, think about what you’rere really grateful for and what you desire most from your life. If you do, your mantra meditations assure you that it will take very little to make you happy.

January 17

“Today I will extend compassion in all I do.”

What does compassion mean to you? When you watch the news and think that the problems are too big for one person to fix, remember the power of sending your love to those most impacted by fires or wars or politics. Love is energy and energy has no place or time. It can actually transcend everything. Repeating your mantra meditations throughout the day can change your life. Not only can they change the outcome of your day they can also change the outcome of someone else’s day too.

January 18

“It is my right and my responsibility to take care of myself.”

Do you know why the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone else? That’s because you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of someone else. Think about your loved ones. How can you be there for them if you aren’t whole? You come first and that’s not selfish.

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