Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: November 17 – 23

Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: November 17 - 23

The Power of Mantra Meditations

This week’s mantra meditations are aimed at bringing you peace and empowerment in the hectic days surrounding the upcoming holidays. But before we begin, I want to introduce you to dark energy. It’s the power inside you and it’s just waiting for you to unleash it. Did you know that 99.999% of all the molecules that make up your body contain dark energy? Think about that number for a minute!

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Each time you have an injury or an illness, as you begin to heal, your body taps into the true source of all power in the multiverse. Meet each scar or struggle with gratitude because it shows that you are in touch with the Infinite. It also shows that your dark energy is moving molecules and situations around until you become strong again. You have the ability to tap into that dark energy through deep meditation. These mantras will help you have a true point of focus and when you focus on that dark energy, nothing is impossible!

November 17

“The darkest hour only has 60 minutes. I will persevere.”

Patience is a very difficult trait to master. You may be weary of waiting, but a great force within you is moving you toward your goals. Therefore, focus on your dreams and make your priorities line up with your beliefs. Your mantra meditations can assure you that you’ll prevail and win!

November 18

“All that I’m doing now I thought I could never do. I will celebrate my victories!”

You have overcome so much in your life and you have carved out a living that contains many wonderful moments. You have also impacted many lives and many people have been made better as a result of your caring and counsel. Your mantra meditations assure you that you are a powerful human!

November 19

“If the plane loses cabin pressure, I put my mask on first. If I don’t take care of myself first, I won’t be able to give to someone else.”

It is so easy, especially at this time of year, to focus on the needs of others to the point that you dismiss your own comforts. However, there is a reason the captain tells you to put your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else. Although this week may feel like you’re losing cabin pressure, remember to take care of YOUR needs. Take a bubble bath. Buy your favorite ice cream. Do something just for you and be thankful you can enjoy de-stressing for a moment. The needs of those you love will certainly be met. Just slow down today and be kind to yourself and others too.

November 20

“Today is a perfect day to show the world all the kindness in my heart.”

As you look around your immediate world, you’ll find many ways to express real kindness. Volunteer at a homeless shelter BEFORE a holiday; they need help preparing as much as they do anything else. Call that friend you have been meaning to contact. Extend yourself toward compassion today and watch how much better the world feels!

November 21

“Greatness is never achieved by asking permission. I will hear my voice today.”

Fortune favors the bold! When you look into your life’s horizon, do you see a ship sailing toward its destiny or do you see the opinions and actions of others causing you to crash upon the rocks? Your mantra meditations remind you that you shouldn’t let the opinions of others be the excuse you use for not listening to your own voice!

November 22

“No matter how bad I think my life is right now, I will never forget that it’s someone else’s fairy tale.”

In a world where social media can make you feel poor or unworthy, it’s very easy to get lost. When you allow yourself to believe in “reality” television or think consuming can replace the emptiness in your soul, you’re no longer appreciating your own voice—your true worth. There is no replacement or duplication when it comes to you. Instead, appreciate your life and know that it’s good just the way it is. Choose true contentment!

November 23

“I have a grateful heart and it’s a magnet for miracles.”

You have had a very exciting week! Today is a wonderful day to catch up with old friends. When you find yourself wondering whether you should reach out to those from your past, be sure to call me, or any of the wonderful love psychics at California Psychics. In the meantime, keep your heart open and allow yourself to believe in your dreams. Dreams come true if you believe they will!

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