Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: November 24 – 30

Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: November 24 - 30

The Power of Mantra Meditations

It’s hard to believe we’re standing at the end of November 2018! We have seen many amazing changes in our world this year and there are still more to come. This has been a powerful month full of potential and definite directions. The changes made in the macrocosm of life reflect in the microcosm also. In fact, you’re impacting, as well as being impacted by, the natural world around you far more than you might realize, and your mantra meditations will confirm this.

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On another note, it appears that many of you, my dear and gentle readers, have been doubting yourselves and doubting your own voices. I see that many of you are struggling against invisible enemies. However, the truth is many of them only exist in your mind. There they find fertile soil to make you feel inferior or intimidated. This is not the way you evolve! Thankfully, this week’s mantra meditations come directly from the Infinite Source. Read them, meditate on them, and then let them guide you through your week.

November 24

“I was born with a heart that knows what is beautiful, just, and true. I will not doubt my heart today.”

Sometimes we forget we have a destiny and a direction that are exclusively ours. No one else can take our place or fulfill the vital role we play, however, in the noise and confusion of ordinary life, it’s easy to suddenly feel unimportant and overwhelmed. That is not the message your heart has to share, however. Just let your heart’s voice be heard today and be courageous enough to follow it.

November 25

“Today, each person I meet will be extended a wish for the same level of happiness I seek in my own life. I will make the world a better place one person at a time.”

You may feel as if you can’t make a difference when you see the massive catastrophes that have befallen our world. And, you may not see where the ripples from a single act of love and kindness go, but they go exactly where they’re meant to. Know that you are not responsible for the tides, but only the destination of your ship, according to your mantra meditations. Along the way, share kindness.

November 26

“Today I will use my privileges to serve the needs of others.

You may not feel as though you have a privileged life. However, you do! That’s because if you have an extra coat or an extra sandwich, you live a life of privilege that many do not. Therefore, be grateful for what you have been given and share your bounty.

November 27

“Today I will allow myself to be easily pleased.”

If you have been a regular reader of my weekly mantra meditations, you’ll know that I often recommend being more childlike in your daily life—blow some bubbles or fly a kite, for example. Remember the simple pleasures and allow yourself the freedom to be in the moment. My Guides were very specific about the need you have to release your grown-up burdens and simply be.

November 28

“Today I will look for the light in everyone and everything I encounter.”

It’s true that we see what we believe we will see. Therefore, if you’ve been critical and expect to find faults in people, that’s exactly what you’ll find. If, however, you desire to see the light and the good in people and situations around you, that, too, you will find. Your mantra meditations encourage you to adjust your focus to align with your truth.

November 29

“Today I will see my work as an honor. It will be a joy, not a toil.”

Service to others is not a subordinate position. It’s actually the ability to see the world as a place that needs you and your many gifts. Truthfully, service doesn’t begin when you have something to offer; it begins when there is nothing to give but the love and energy in your spirit.

November 30

“The Infinite Multiverse is continually self-regulating, and I am a part of its ever-changing dances.”

It’s no accident that you’re here. You’re actually the end result of billions of years of cosmic changes and alterations. Your ancestors fought stunning challenges in order to survive and bring you into existence and you are part of a never-ending, astral jigsaw puzzle where you play an irreplaceable role in it all. Everything is moving in a single, flowing moment through time and space. Relax! It’s all working out just as it should.

Have a fantastic week!

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