Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: November 3 – 9

Your Weekly Mantra Meditations: November 3 - 9

The Power of Mantra Meditations

The month of November often invokes thoughts of family dinners, friends coming home from far away, and many other images of love and bounty. This week’s mantra meditations are brought to you with the hope you’ll start approaching your life with more gratitude and greater depth.

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In the hectic pace that usually befalls this time of year, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed or unimportant. However, you are fully capable of accomplishing all that needs to be done, and many things that “should” be done. Some prioritizing may be in order to ensure that your desires are also met. Remember, you have as much importance as anyone else in your world and you’ll feel a bit better if you can keep your life coordinated with the seasons as they move around you. Here are your mantra meditations for the week.

November 3

“I embrace the love that is surrounding me like the air I breathe.”

If you find yourself feeling unsure of the love in your life or feel like you will never find that one true love, please restructure your thoughts! The idea of life being a creation by and for love isn’t just a “unicorn and daffodil” concept. It is truth. Love is not exclusive to romance. It is exclusive to life! Where there is life, there is love too. Sometimes we just have to refocus our perceptions in order to see how beautiful life really can be.

November 4

“I am not here to be average. I am here to be an inspiration!”

Mark Twain said, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” No matter what you are doing in a day, you can make that effort your very best endeavor. Today is the day you push forward!

November 5

“I am a human BEing. I am not a human DOing.”

As the week continues, you may find yourself becoming almost overwhelmed with obligations. That’s certainly where you mantra meditations can help! Today, please slow down and remember that this is your journey; it is not your destination. Allow yourself to have some fun and take away that weight on your shoulders. It’s okay to stop and breathe too. It’s a good day to simply BE. You have cosmic permission to do nothing at all or everything you have always wanted. Therefore, take a deep breath and smile. Yours is a quality of life denied to hundreds of millions of people. Embrace gratitude.

November 6

“I have created the life around me. I have the power to make the changes needed.”

We all play the “blame and shame” game. We blame other people for our misfortunes and when we find out that we are equally responsible for those misfortunes, we often begin to shame ourselves. This is a dreadful trap! Don’t fall into it. We are energies as yet undefined who are experiencing this moment with other energies. These other energies may betray us or let us down in some way that impacts the journey in a less than desired way. However, there is no need to give that precious power of yours to anyone who doesn’t deserve or need it. Take a lesson from the great city of Atlanta: They have been rebuilding since Sherman left and that was more than 150 years ago! Never stop changing and evolving. You are certainly doing great!

November 7

“What was once imagined is now proved.”

Look at the wondrous things you have created in your life. There may be a few areas that are not performing to their optimum success, but there are many other areas that have surpassed your best expectations. You have certainly proven that you can make amazing and wonderful things come into your life by first locking onto the dream. Therefore, find your target today and make it a thundering success!

November 8

“I can’t go backward and create a new beginning, but I can begin now to create a better ending.”

Each moment you are in this physical existence is a moment that can redirect your life. You choose how you will respond to the events and people around you and please know that each encounter offers a new possibility. Your spiritual journey has brought the encounter to you, however, how you embrace it is up to you.

November 9

“Re-examine all that you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul.”

It’s fairly simple to dismiss an idea. However, it’s not easy to dismiss a belief. You may have been raised with particular beliefs about religions or people or places; to allow prejudice in your life, you must first prejudge. But if your personal experience flies in the face of those beliefs, it may be time to release them and create new ones. This is how you establish your personal truth! No one knows your life experiences better than you. Listen to your own voice and practice your mantra meditations.

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