What Happens When We Die?

What Happens When We Die?

Energy Cannot Be Destroyed

What happens when we die? First, we need to define what death actually is. Science has been able to determine that the death of the physical body occurs in two stages: The first stage is physical death which happens when the person is no longer breathing, and the heart no longer pumps blood. The second and final stage is known as biological death in which all organs shut down and cells begin to deteriorate due to lack of oxygen and blood flow. This is the clinical definition of physical death. However, we also know that energy cannot be destroyed. You may know this energy as the spirit or the soul. We, as human animals, are head to toe electrical energy. But, where does that energy go when the corporeal carton falls away?

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That’s what this article is about: The journey of the spirit as it transcends the “mortal coil.” We are not going to wander into in-depth considerations of various major world religions. Rather we will look at the experiences of real people who have experienced the other side of this life and combine those anecdotes with well-studied, documented reports. Here’s what happens when we die.

Souls Have Mass

Dr. Duncan MacDougall conducted an experiment in the early 1900s based on his hypothesis that souls have physical weight. He weighed two patients on the verge of death—right before and after they died. There was a 21-gram difference that occurred once the soul departed the body.

Dr. MacDougall then asked other doctors to conduct the same experiment. Like MacDougall, they witnessed their patients’ last breaths, recorded the time, weight, ambient temperature, etc. Although there was a slight variation among some of the patients, the overall average was 21 grams.

If Dr. MacDougall’s theory is correct, we can measure the human soul. Not only does it prove the existence of the soul, but it actually documents death in a new way. His experiments were taking place at the height of the spiritualism movement that had millions of people wanting to know what waited “beyond the veil.”

Near-Death Experiences

What happens when we die? Just ask people who have had near-death experiences. Thanks to medical scientists who are open to more than what they’ve learned in medical school, we have recorded stories of people dying but then coming back to life. What’s interesting about these experiences is how similar they are—regardless of the person’s ethnicity or religious beliefs.

I have first-hand experience with this phenomena. When I died, I met my guides (who I hadn’t previously encountered) and I saw things in such an accelerated manner that time and space no longer existed for me. In a manner or moments, I was shown the Multiverse, alternate dimensions, and spirits I had known in other lifetimes. I returned to my body, with great effort, and my consciousness changed.

Other near-death experiences acknowledge a beautiful tunnel of color and light. The patients speak of the light being alive and full of all consciousness. There is no judgement—only an ever-expanding dynamic of pure energy. I believe this is the legendary Akashic Record; the flow of all consciousness without time or space restraints.

The Spirit Seeks Its Source

As the spirit is freed from the physical body, it begins to seek its source—the source of all life and all sentient energies. A few photographers have captured what appears to be the spirit exiting the human body. Were the photographs a case of “wishful thinking” that would offer solace to those left behind when a loved one departs? Was it simply a trick of the mind and the eyes? Or was this evidence of a deeper level of science than we can explore with our current tools and technology?

DMT Molecules

What happens when we die? Some will say that the almost universal experience of near-death experiences is the result of the DMT (dimethyltryptamine) molecules firing in a stress-filled brain. If the studies of DMT have taught us anything, it’s that this molecule opens the doors of perception; it helps us transcend our present realities. It’s not an artificial stimulation begetting hallucination. Therefore, the introduction of DMT into the bloodstream of the dying isn’t a trigger as much as it’s a key.

The moment of death is even more personal and intimate than the moment of birth. Birth is experienced by two physical beings simultaneously. Death, regardless of who may be nearby, is a very unique and subjective experience.

The Veil is Thinning

This time of year “thins the veil” between dimensions. Regardless of how time seems to pass in our “reality,” spirits which retain some of their “earthly” consciousness can use this time of year to communicate more clearly and easily. A good psychic medium can help to open that door and find the answers you need to know.

Object Permanence

Death is no more of an ending to life than birth is the beginning. The corporal experience does not determine the eternal pathway of the spirit. One of the first things we recognize as babies is known as “object permanence.” This skill basically means that we, as tiny babies, figure out that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s gone. This is a truth we often forget as we mature, but begin to consider as we contemplate the existence of the soul.

I welcome your thoughts. What do you think happens when we die? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “What Happens When We Die?

  1. Jaheed Sanders-Bey

    I have studied this phenomenon thoroughly. Mainly through those who have had NDE events. The spirit Definitely leaves the physical body. A life review is done. Peace and Love exist all around. Guides and Love ones greet you.
    I now have nothing to fear about death and dying. Just the loss of not seeing and hearing our friends and love ones accounts for the emotional sadness we may endure. I see death as a return to source. Great article.

  2. Tajah

    Wonderful article Jesse! Thank you for sharing this most needed knowledge. Of course I’ve had many personal experiences in this realm. The idea of death is terrifying to many of us. The more we dispell the fear with reality the better off we all will face Life and find peace with Death. If we believe in a Loving, Merciful, All Mighty Creator Consciousness why should birth or death be Feared?

  3. Suzanne

    Thank You for this Article
    I have tried to articulate my experience with leaving my physical and I tend to get lost with words because nothing on this perception comes close.
    Perhaps some of my crossing was remnant of my physical lacks or needs but I did not encounter anyone,no bright light unless you call the pure black , bright because I did not associate it with dark.
    I had a sense, for lack of better words, that I was HOME and that I was LOVE. ( completely at ease with (all past present future ) all at once and I felt cradled by COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE.
    I, unfortunately, felt that at a very young, impressionable, tormented age and nothing on this earth has made me want to stay.
    I will do my time here the best I can.

  4. ELIZABETH Garcia

    I do not think it hurts to die because it did not hurt to be born.Death mite startle you and you may feel pain but when the pain is to much you black out and can’t feel anything .. then its on to the next place.


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