Worry Washing vs. Positive Thinking

Worry Washing vs. Postive Thinking

Worry Less With Your New Mantra

“What, Me Worry?” That’s a famous question asked by Alfred E. Newman from Mad magazine. Much to our chagrin, we worry. Worry is, in my humble opinion, a waste of time, a drain on your energy, and a puddle of tears that do no one any good. Puffy eyes, headaches and sadness come from worry.

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Worry creates these effects:

1. Worry makes the mind cloudy
2. Worry is a waste of time
3. Worry is negative energy
4. Worry makes you tired
5. Worry brings on depression
6. Worry messes up your mind

In life, there are events that are out of our control, leaving a worried vibration on our minds and as much as we meditate and pray, it is hard to shake the worry. I often tell my lovely callers that I wish I could take the worry off their shoulders and minds, yet I know for the most part, that only when the event changes to a positive outcome will the worry disappear. In the meantime, they’re worry washing themselves.

It’s Like Doing Laundry

If you were to do your laundry in dirty water, your clothes would not get clean. When we wash out minds with worry, we continue to hold onto negative thoughts. Dirty water = negative thoughts. Have you ever said, “I can’t stop worrying”? If you have, you are affirming negative words. But you can stop this. Instead of calling yourself a worrier, call yourself a warrior. Say, “I am not a worrier. I am a warrior.”

The Energy to Smile

It takes the same energy to smile as it does to frown. I wish it were as easy to be positive as it is to smile. Positive thinking is the opposite of worrying. One of my go-to mantras is, “Live in the moment and think positive.” I say it to myself when I feel worry wash over me. I also give this mantra to many of my callers to help them recycle their thought process of worry and turn it into wonderful, peaceful thinking.

How to Heal

Worry takes so much energy that we lose focus on the issues and often become dormant in our thinking process. How can one heal from worry? It’s all about making decisions. Making decisions takes dogmatic precision to ensure the best results. You have to make the decision to think positively.

Positive thinking creates the following effects:

1. Heals a situation
2. Gets you positive results
3. Eases your mind
4. Eases your spirit
5. Brings happiness

Friends Who Come to the Rescue

This morning I was chatting with my gal pal, and we were talking about worrying, and problems, and how wonderful it is when friends come to the rescue. It’s funny to think that if we had no worries we might not know who our real friends are. In the end, just remember your new mantra, “I am not a worrier. I’m a warrior.”

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8 thoughts on “Worry Washing vs. Positive Thinking

  1. Sharon

    I started this morning telling myself I’m not a worrier, I’m a warrior. I’m amazed at the difference in how it makes me feel! Thanks!

  2. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

    hi PE –
    I did phrase it as to eradicate the negative vibration – 3rd paragraph –
    “I am not a worrier. I am a warrior.”

    I have had the good fortune to have been brought up in a metaphysical household – it is over 50 years that I have been using/applying positive thinking – as well as teaching others how to think positive.

    when learning how to transfer we take small steps so that the mind can make the necessary changes and then one day the need for a mantra that was once used to transform no longer needs to be used as the process/transformation has taken place and we move on to the next realization.

    Buddha Bless,

  3. PE Graves

    Quin ~ Your advice is well written. It has many valid points. I like your mantra, however I would change it up a bit. I have read pieces on the “Power of Positive Thinking” and one of the things every article I read stated is NOT (uh oh) to use the NEGATIVE.

    This means to me the mantra should simply be, “I am a warrior!” Or perhaps you could add something like “The WORRY is gone.” This then becomes a positive, rather than including a negative.

    Thanks again for your wonderful article.

  4. LJ Innes

    What a fabulous article. Worry is a real problem for so many, myself included. I’m definitely working towards the Warrior mindset because worrying is just a waste. Thanks for your words of wisdom – this was very inspirational.
    ~ LJ

  5. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

    Dear Marc –
    IMHO worry is not a positive mechanism for change.
    Granted without concern to matters in life we might not grow or learn the process of making decisions. Being mindful and having concern about your life is more viable and less draining.

    Dear Srilanka,
    I pray for you to have peace of mind and that worry washes over you leaving a clear path for your life to move forward.

    Dear Larry,

    Buddha Bless,

  6. Marc from the UK

    Hello Quinn

    Great to see your wisdom coming through again, question, surely worry is a good mechanism for human survival?…… If we do not worry about things we do that are wrong then how can we learn?

    Worry must also have a healthy side




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