What It Means To Have a Yellow Aura

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What Is an Aura?

Auras are the energy fields around living things. They can be sensed, seen, felt, and sometimes just intuited by those with extrasensory gifts. Auras can change to match someone’s mood and circumstances, but the base color usually remains constant throughout a person’s life.

An individual’s aura color can provide a lot of insight into their personality and current mental state. This is because colors vibrate to certain frequencies, and someone’s dominant aura color (as well as that color’s exact shade) can provide a glimpse at their emotions, their basic personality, and even their level of spiritual attunement.

Yellow: The Color of the Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow auras are associated with the third chakra. This is also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the center of personal power and self-esteem. People with yellow auras possess a strong sense of self-respect and tend to operate from their “core.” Additionally, this chakra is located just above the navel and below the heart. As such, people with yellow auras may find that this area of their body is especially strong.

Yellow Aura Personality Traits

People with yellow auras are generally spontaneous and have a strong sense of what’s right for them. They tend to operate from their gut and have an instant, intuitive understanding of what to do in every situation. They are objective and, through their detachment, can find humor and see the bright side in even dark times.

Additionally, individuals with yellow auras are known for their intelligence and wit. They have playful, active minds, making them quick learners and effective communicators. More often than not, they’re optimistic and look for fun wherever they are.

The Positive Traits of Yellow Auras

People with yellow auras are best known for their objectivity, confidence, and cheerfulness. Their mental focus and acuity are phenomenal, making them spectacular at problem-solving and strategy. Even more, their sharp intellect is combined with an ability to charm and entertain the people around them. They balance good judgment and a keen mind with levity and joy, and they typically have strong leadership skills as a result.

What Yellow Auras Need to Work On

People with yellow auras can sometimes struggle with a tendency toward superficiality and even coldness in some cases. They may overanalyze people and situations, which can occasionally make it seem like they lack empathy. On the other hand, their high energy levels can sometimes lead them to distraction, and when their focus breaks, they may find themselves scattered. They are also very susceptible to negative forces, which can leave them feeling drained and stressed.

Four Subtypes of Yellow Auras

As with all people, no two individuals with a yellow aura are exactly alike. They will share many traits in common, but they are shaped by their personal experiences and struggles. These differences lead to many degrees of variation in people’s yellow auras, most easily noticed by their shade of color.

Bright Gold Yellow

When this shade of yellow shows up, it usually means that the person in question is expressing the higher energy of the yellow vibration. The gold overlay in their aura shows their ability to connect with divinity and channel positive energy like the sun. There is a notable absence of bitterness and negativity in this type of yellow aura.

Dark Murky Yellow

This subtype may be struggling with an overly strong ego. Their boundaries could be firm and impenetrable to the point of causing isolation and disconnection. These yellows might be — intentionally or unintentionally — using their intelligence to manipulate others and get power for its own sake.

Lime-Green Murky Yellow

This subtype may be jealous or envious of other people. They could interpret others’ words and actions from the perspective of the victim, and they can start to feel a bit paranoid if this tendency goes unchecked. They could be hanging onto past slights, and they may use sarcastic humor as a weapon.

Orange Yellow

Orange is known for its vibrancy and creativity, and it brings those traits with it whenever a yellow aura develops a tint of orange. People with this shade of yellow aura are indeed very inventive and bright, coming up with innovative ideas for all sorts of projects. However, their enthusiasm can sometimes be over-the-top, and they can become a bit overbearing if they aren’t careful.

The Yellow Aura in Love

People with yellow auras love talkative, witty partners who can make them laugh. They do not do well with too much brooding or moodiness in a love interest.

Yellows love to bring joy to their partners, but they also need their efforts to be received and appreciated. They tend to be the “givers” in their relationships, imitating the constant, bright energy of sunshine. These individuals enjoy encouraging others and motivating them to reach for the best versions of themselves.

Unless their yellow aura has become clouded or murky, they are usually inclined to be happy in relationships thanks to their ability to see the brightest, most beautiful sides of people. However, they also need to remain aware of the fact that not everyone finds it easy or even possible to match their levels of spontaneity and confidence.

As a result, yellows will have the most luck when their partner has a magenta, tan, or blue aura. Magenta matches the vibrancy of yellow but adds a touch of softness and passion, while yellow gives magenta perspective and objectivity. Meanwhile, tans let yellow-aura individuals take the lead, but they offer flexibility, support, and grounding. Finally, people with blue auras can give yellows depth and a sense of caution, while that yellow influence will brighten blue’s confidence and style.

Overall, people with yellow auras tend to have lots of romantic opportunities. If their aura is clouded by jealousy or egotism, they’ll need to work on clearing that up first. However, if they do, yellows actually have a better-than-average chance of finding happiness in love.

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