A Day in the Life: Psychic Cameron

A Day in the Life: Psychic Cameron | California Psychics

We believe that a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection with them when you call for a reading. In our new series, we talk to our psychics about their day to day lives, starting with one of our Premier Psychics, Psychic Cameron.

Psychic Cameron, what does a typical day-off look like for you?

Honestly, I don’t know if psychics ever get a real “day off”. I find my mind is constantly reading. I’m very empathic, I always have been, even as a child, and I can get on an elevator and immediately feel, “What happened to this person today? I’m feeling sadness from them right now.” But it is part of the discipline to learn to let go, to not “read” all the time.

I have a neighborhood coffee shop I love to go to and sit and catch up on news or something I am writing. I also love old movies. Sometimes it’s great to have a discussion with friends. I’ve learned with days off not to overdo it. I can be that person who goes on vacation and plans so much that in the end you come home more exhausted than when you left! I’ve learned sometimes the best way to spend the day is to sit on the couch near a window with a great view and eat hot soup while reading a book.

Because I work at night, I’m really a night owl, my mornings are a little late, and I will take small naps during the day. Every day is a bit different; I need the variety.

Coffee Shop Psychic Cameron

Do you have a specific routine on your day off to treat your inner self or nurture your gift?

As part of my readings, I use tools. As we know, tools need to be sharpened. I like to read articles on our site and read materials that I know makes me stronger as a reader. I am always trying to learn more, so I can give my clients the very best. Sometimes that means getting new insights into the tarot cards; I’ve been studying them since I was thirteen but there is always more to learn, always new insights. Astrology – which informs some of my readings – is also something that I study from time to time. Depending on the day, I will try and take walks in nature. I don’t live very close to water, but I hope to one day. Water is very important to me. I have also been working on doing a gratitude list every day. I find myself sometimes advising clients and then reminding myself to take my own advice.

I sometimes have resistance to meditating, but I’m getting better. As an empathic and a psychic, I often feel as if I am in a constant state of meditation because I feel open. But meditation can be an important discipline for psychics, and I know how helpful it can be. I also love to go to “New Age” shops to look at the crystals, the cards, the pendulums, the oils, all that stuff. It makes me feel closer to the work that I do. I have two crystal balls on the table where I read, one of clear quartz and one made of a beautiful green glass that catches the light. I live in a big city and often visit friends who live in the country. I need both. A day in the woods is great, but I need crowded coffee shops too.

How do you relax or clear your mind after being on the line all day?

Taking the dog for a long walk definitely helps me clear my mind at the end of the day. I have a black Labrador retriever/German Shepard Mix puppy. She is a little over a year old. If you see us walking, you might think I’m jet skiing because she’s pulling me almost off the ground – we’re working on training at the moment. I’ve never had a Labrador before – why didn’t someone warn me! Seriously, she’s a lovely dog with lots of energy, and she keeps me in present time. I find that anything physical can help after several hours of readings and concentrating. I also enjoy cooking – I like things that take hours on the stove: elaborate sauces and soups; anything where you have to chop up onions and garlic and herbs, and stir them in.

Puppy and Psychic Cameron

What are fun things that you like to do in your free time?

I read all the time. I love bookstores, and especially old books. I know that it is in vogue to read everything on a device, and that has made reading convenient for people who travel; carrying a bunch of books around can be heavy! But I am a fan of books, slightly mildewed from being in a basement, that creeks a little when you open it. There were a lot of books written on psychic ability in the Twenties and Thirties and I have some of these books as collector items. It’s fun to read a book that is over a hundred years old, and very interesting that psychics use some of the same tools that we use now.

Reading Psychic Cameron

How does being a psychic affect your day to day life?

I think being a psychic makes me more compassionate in my daily life. My clients may not realize this because I try to keep the focus on them, but I learn something from every single person I speak to. I believe we are all here for a reason and that we all have something to teach, even when we are struggling. One of the beautiful things about being a psychic is that you get to hear so many stories. People trust you with some of the most intimate details of their lives – their relationship challenges, their hopes and dreams. I am always talking to strangers, but they don’t feel like strangers once we begin the reading. I try to remember this when I see people every day in my personal life – the person standing in front of me in line at the store could be my next caller and I wouldn’t even know it. We all have a story; we all deserve compassion.

Tell us an interesting story you think readers would like to learn about you.

I met Britney Spears once. We were in a New Age bookstore at the same time. What was funny was, I was concentrating on browsing and I hadn’t even noticed that the entire shop was empty except for a woman walking around very officially, and a man, who was huge, like a quarterback on a football team, carrying a walkie-talkie. I guess they weren’t letting people in while she was shopping but for some reason, no one kicked me out. This particular store mostly had staff walking around wearing crystals and robes, so these two people I’ve described seemed a bit out of place. I thought, “What’s going on?” Then she walked up the isle towards me and we both said hello and smiled. I could feel that she was bracing herself to see what reaction I would give her. In another time and place I might have said, “Oh my gosh, Britney Spears!!” but I was in the tarot section and I was concentrating on work. I felt very Zen, very relaxed and so it didn’t feel like I was meeting a superstar, just another soul. We had a brief exchange. When I left the store, I kicked myself for not having a card on me. But I have read for other famous people. Many people would be surprised – the situations are in a different arena, but they aren’t that different from you or me. Most readings come down to love, relationships, and dreams.

Did you have a completely different career path in your past?

I’ve always been attracted to careers that help people. There was a time when I considered being a therapist, and I think I’d be a very good one. But most therapists don’t sit you down and say, “So, what is your astrological sign?” or “I’ve just turned over the Magician, the Empress, and the Ten of Wands all upside down. I can see that you’ve been feeling overwhelmed in your romantic relationship and considering a break-up. But don’t worry, the sun card in the major arcana tells me it is going to get better.” They might run from the room! I’m attracted to the format of psychic readings. I think as a therapist I’d be impatient. I like to think I can tell someone something in twenty minutes that might take them six months to figure out somewhere else. I also love coaching people and I hope to do some motivational speaking someday. We’ll see.

Did you develop your psychic abilities in an interesting way?

As I mentioned, I’ve been reading cards for most of my life, in some form or another. I had a family member who read and even before I knew what they meant, I loved looking at the pictures. You can learn a lot from the archetypes on the cards. I believe reading cards well is a skill that you bring psychic ability to when you interpret their meanings. But I actually found out I was really psychic at a party.

I was with a group of people at Halloween and I was making a dumb joke about telling someone’s fortune. I held her hand and said some of the most random things I could think of: where she had been on her last vacation, what I thought she wanted to do with her life, a childhood positive memory. I realized that I must have been right from the look on her face when I opened my eyes. If you would like to learn more about how Psychic Cameron discovered his psychic abilities, read this article.

Have you helped a client in a memorable way?

One thing I love about reading with cards is that sometimes I get an answer that also surprises me as a reader. I don’t know all the ways the mind works, but I think we have logical responses to some things, and there is another part of us that goes to that deeper, psychic place.

Tarot Reading Psychic Cameron

I had a client who was engaged to get married, the wedding date was set, and just as they were getting ready to send out the invitations, the groom told her that he didn’t want to get married after all. Just like that. She was in complete shock, hadn’t seen it coming.

The “logical” answer and what her friends and family were telling her was that he didn’t love her anymore, that he had found someone else. I knew intuitively that didn’t feel right. Using his birthdate, I looked at his chart and I consulted my cards, because I also wanted to know, “What is going on here?”

If he had been cheating, or with someone else, I know the spread that would have reflected this, and I wasn’t seeing that. What I did see was the Five of Coins and the Emperor upside down. I asked her if he had been having financial difficulty and problems with his job. She confirmed that he had been laid off a month before, was having trouble finding work, and that because of the challenges she was paying for everything, even for her ring. When I looked at his chart, I saw he was a Capricorn. A Pisces or Libra might have been more accepting, but the average Capricorn? Out of the question.

I told her that I didn’t believe that he was cheating at all – this wasn’t an infidelity reading. This was an, “I’m broke and can’t pay for the wedding” reading. I sensed intuitively that he was a very traditional man, which she confirmed. I told her that if she could wait until he got a new job, which would be in less than two months, he would be back on his feet and the wedding would be on – the Two of Cups. I could tell from her confidence that she agreed because she knew him so well and knew that was exactly what it was. I love readings like that – I get to be the channel and help someone, and I try hard not to bring any pre-conceived ideas. Those are the best readings.

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