Psychic Q&A: Do Relationships Ruin Friendships?

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Dear Psychic Nevada,

I have been talking to and getting to know this woman, whom I consider a friend, but I’m wondering, do relationships ruin friendships? I’m asking because I adore her and I know there is something between us that we’ve both felt. Our friendship continues to grow stronger with each passing day. She is single, however, she lives under the same roof as her ex for the sake of their child. Well, their child stays with me more nights than with her and her ex. Will she and I ruin our friendship if we act on our feelings for each other? Or, will being friends first benefit us in the long run? Neither of us is looking for a one-night stand or a short-term fling. We’ve discussed our options and agree that we want to be together. I’m just looking for some insight from an outsider looking in.


Psychic Nevada ext. 6581 responds:

Dear S.S.,

Do relationships ruin friendships? Not necessarily. It seems that while she absolutely wants and needs your camaraderie, compassion, and genuine connection, you both would truly benefit most by further developing your friendship. However, in order to move forward, you need to make the energy between you work for you rather than against you. It’s best to have a tentative, mutually agreeable game plan.

If you both act on your feelings too immediately, and without clarity about the next steps together, your friend will likely find herself becoming overwhelmed with anxiety about her current circumstances. Her fundamental concerns about financial and residential stability and security could consume her and make your connection take a backseat. She needs to make the best choices for her child and she needs to continue to disassociate from her ex—without guilt and blame. This goes beyond her own self-care and well-being. As a result, you two need to move slowly.

Your friend has been without a deeply connected relationship for so long that acting on your feelings, without a plan for the long run, may also bring about results in opposition to what you both desire.

In the long run, the energy you share with her would benefit most by not currently acting on your feelings, but rather by allowing the friendship to evolve and further developing your ideas. This will lead to a closer relationship in the end.

The very best to you!


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