Psychic Q&A: Their Emotional Connection

Psychic Q&A: Their Emotional Connection

Two Men Fought Over Her

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Dear Kallista,

Seven years ago, I cheated on my husband with a man I had an intense chemical and emotional connection with. We were together just four months before we were found out but, I stayed married and continued the affair. Our love was intense. It was like a roller-coaster ride for several years with my husband and this man fighting over me. About two years ago, I chose this man over my husband because of that emotional connection and decided to give 110% to this relationship. I loved him unconditionally. Then we had a huge fight and he decided he didn’t want to be with me anymore.

I am beyond devastated. We still live together. We still go out on the weekends together but there is no physical intimacy. Suddenly I became his roommate. I miss the intimacy and the emotional connection we had when we first got together. I want to know if we still have a future together. I’m having a tough time letting him go because I’ve never felt this way with anyone.

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

The incredible emotional connection you share with this man is still intact, although it has been severely damaged. Within a short time, he will make a move toward resuming physical intimacy with you, but that will be just the start of healing your mutual emotional connection.

You already realize you are soulmates, but soulmates have the most intense lessons to learn from one another. To you, it feels like he has simply “switched off.” Sadly, in some ways, he has, but he still loves you down deep. He was ecstatic to win you away from your former husband, and you were ecstatic to finally be with only him. However, you’ve felt him pulling away from you and it both hurt and frightened you, which is part of what led to the awful fight. You came out of it feeling even more unloved, and he came out of it feeling somewhat disrespected. While neither of you intended this result, it’s part of the current disconnect between you.

He has also been struggling with the idea of long-term commitment, and all that goes with it—especially being totally faithful to just one person. This may seem strange given how hard he fought to win you and your emotional connection, but he’s using this fight to justify thinking about his need for freedom to go out with other women. Even if he acts on his desire to be with other women, and I’m sorry to say there’s already a lighter-haired woman in his thoughts, there will still be a chance for the two of you to come back together.

It will be challenging to rebuild this relationship, partly because you are more able to give unconditional love than he is. But it appears that the pain and hard work of getting back on the same page, particularly in the ways you communicate with one another, will be worthwhile.

While there will be moments of greater closeness this summer, it looks like it will be between the end of September and the top of October when you’ll see your emotional connection deepen into something more stable again. It’s then that you’ll feel like you still have a future together because you do.

Wishing you every good thing,


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  1. Mai gao Yang

    Hi my name is Mai gao yang , I been in one long term relationship for 7 in half years, I notice my bf has listed feels for me but every times he broke up with me or take a break he would come back but this time he didn’t want to come back. Every time he broke up with me it would be out of the blue and I wouldn’t understand why ? For example we would having a good day one day then the next he want to break up. We are not the same race I’m Asian and he is African , my family did not approved of us but I went through hell to be with him because I loved him and I still do. I see ya together in the future but for him , he only see him and his friends. But this time I found out some stuff about him I never thought I would , he cheated on me but when I asked him he would said it’s only friends but since we been talking again and kinda sleeping together then just yesterday he told me he got another girl pregnant and I don’t know what to do. My heart hurt so much like I’m dying that I can’t even feel the pain no more. Please help doesn’t he really having a baby ? How can I move on? I give so much to this relationship ?

  2. Victor D. Garcia

    Hi Kallista I play the lottery every time there a drawing will I ever win a windfall and so when


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