Psychic Q&A: Explicit Texts and Pictures

Psychic Q&A: Explicit Texts and Pictures

Will She Move Forward With Him?

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Dear Cameron,

I just left my fiancé because I found some really explicit pictures and messages on his phone. He was sending and receiving them during a time when I was ill. Now he’s saying he’s sorry and will never do this again. However, this isn’t the first time. I am a single mom and all of this is hurting my daughter. Although my fiancé is not her father, he has been in her life for five of her seven years.

I know leaving my fiancé is a good idea. I’ve done it several times before. This time, like every other time, he says he’s sorry and promises he will change. Things are good for a while, but then he starts lying and keeping secrets again. Then he starts yelling at me and my daughter. Despite all this, I feel really confused. I don’t want to make mistakes. I desperately need your help.

Lisa P.

Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your question. I know this has been a painful, frustrating experience for you and I hope my reading can provide some insight.

I have asked my guides to provide some clear and loving guidance through my tarot cards. What immediately comes through in your reading is the need for change. I know this situation worries you and that often makes it hard to trust your decisions. However, the cards indicate that you have made the right decision here by leaving your fiancé after discovering the explicit texts and images.

It looks like your partner may need help for what could be an addiction (The Four of Cups). I sense from what you’ve written about his explicit taste (and The Pope card turned upside down confirms this) that he’s probably aware that his behavior is out of control. He knows he must do something about it, but he is defensive and resistant to change. This may be one of the reasons he yells at you—to keep from having to face the explicit nature of his behavior when you confront him.

Lisa, you need to have courage at this time and trust yourself. Perhaps you’re afraid that setting a boundary in your relationship means the relationship will be over permanently. While this is sometimes true, I’ve found that many of my clients who leave destructive or unhappy relationships are frightened at first, but then relieved. Some of these relationships can be mended, but only after it’s been made clear that the offending partner will no longer treat their significant other poorly. If he doesn’t respect you, Lisa, he can’t be in your life.

I have also seen in your reading that your partner sabotages your relationship. This may occur right at the time when you are making plans for the future and moving forward. Whatever his reasons, his behavior towards you and your daughter is unacceptable. His tendency to yell at the two of you, in addition to his deceptive, explicit actions, suggest to me that he is not an appropriate mate for you at this time.

Making a decision like this is especially hard because you may feel, as my cards indicate, that he has his good moments too, and he’s not a “monster,” per se. But, as I said before, your reading is defined by the need for a new approach—Seven of Swords.

I think it’s possible for you to tell your fiancé that you care about him and your relationship, but that your first priority has to be the safety of your daughter. His yelling and the breakups and makeups are destabilizing for her and that should be your focus. He needs help. If he wants to do the work then maybe that’s a conversation to have at a later time. But until then, you must maintain a space that is safe for your daughter and yourself, free from yelling and abuse of any kind.

I know you’re in pain, Lisa, but I have clients who wish they would have known more about their partner’s destructive behavior before the wedding. In other words, it’s better to leave him now, then to enter into a marriage that is destined to make you unhappy.

My cards indicate, through Strength, that this is a time to trust your decision and believe that you deserve a relationship that will make you happy and fulfilled. Love is definitely in the cards for you. Trust your decision, and if your fiancé won’t change, move on.

My thoughts are with you,


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6 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Explicit Texts and Pictures

  1. Tammy

    Hello Cameron, I have gave up, believing in soul mates. UntiI I recently came in contact from someone from my past. We live miles apart. I had his child 30 years ago and my daughter and I went to visit and had a great time. Strictly friendly. I could feel the walls around me caving in and had to fight back tears when I left. I don’t no if it’s loneliness or are we soulmate coming together. I’m too old to waste much time thinking about someone. Could you help please.

  2. Tenley

    Dearest Cameron, WOW, I love your advice on this ! I am so blessed to be working with other Psychics such as yourself. You make us all proud to be a part of the CP family !
    Blessings to you.

    Psychic Tenley

  3. Gloria

    I met this person on social media and we’ve been talking for about 2 months and I wanted to know if this relationship is going come to head or is it going to disappear we have same things in common but we are different signs but I understand him and he understands me so I was wondering with that help and are we compatible his sign is Aquarius and my sign is Capricorn so I wanted to know if you’re compatible and we will be able to make it or not

  4. Charlene Jimenez

    Hello Carmon I’m having trouble with money and I don’t know what is the problem I can gain it then lose it so fast and I want to have a nice house, nice car , nice life and to be happy with stressing out about money programs all the time but I save and save but i don’t get far with my money at all so can you please help me get all this money problems fixed for me

  5. Angela

    Hello Cameron, my name is Angela I just got into a relationship with a guy I knew years back came back into my life and now we’re dating and we’re madly in love and it’s moving really fast I just wanna know if this is the guy I’m supposed to be with or not?


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