Psychic Q&A: Falling Out of Love

New Partner, New Life?

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Dear Psychic Cameron,

I have been with my partner for 20 years, but I feel like I want to separate from him because I am falling out of love with him. There are several reasons for this, but one of the primary reasons is that he does not have a relationship with our 18-year-old twins. Also, I am fed up with not having any money and feeling like I can’t try new things. I know he loves me, but right now I feel like love isn’t enough. I just want to feel like I am connecting with someone and I don’t have that with him. Maybe finding someone else will give me that connection though.

I do enjoy my job but it is tiring. And, I am anticipate not getting along with my new boss. Where do you see my career going, Cameron? Will I branch out and start a new side business?



Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

So great to hear from you! I consulted my cards about your situation, Patricia, and here is the guidance I received.

The first card that came up in your reading was the Emperor—an amazing card relating to work and career. Usually, I see this card when someone is either going to get a promotion or begin a new job or career. Therefore, it’s my intuitive feeling that at some point soon you’ll start a business, go back to school, or do something that’s different from what you’re doing now. You may not want to quit your job tomorrow, but now is the time to start some serious vision work about the life you’d like to have. The sky’s the limit!

You’ve had a dream that’s definitely worth exploring. Several cards in your reading suggest new opportunities, and a chance to do something that perhaps you haven’t done before. With the Nine of Cups in your spread, I see that you may be a “late bloomer” and that some of your greatest success lies ahead. Don’t give up!

The cards also reveal to me that you’ve felt stuck for some time—in your relationship and career. You may have had times when other people have dictated what your life choices should be. Maybe they were your parents or people in your community. And while you’ve had some wonderful experiences to be grateful for, you still want more and if you’re falling out of love with your partner, you’re worried your new experiences won’t come for some time.

I sense that with your partner, he may not be a bad guy, but it’s possible that you’ve outgrown him and that could be why you’re falling out of love with him. Wanting a different experience in our romantic future doesn’t mean that anyone has to be at fault. I do believe he loves you. My advice is for you to decide whether or not you would like to try to heal this relationship. Perhaps he’s willing to go to counseling.

If you find that things simply aren’t changing, or you really don’t feel there’s anything there for you anymore, find a way to end the relationship with grace and gratitude for the years you’ve shared. If you make the decision to leave, I do see love in your future. Just because you’re falling out of love with one partner, that doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with someone else.

A final thought: I think you need a support group of some kind. Find like-minded people who share your interests and ideas and who are also improving themselves. If you can’t change everything overnight, take some kind of class or workshop. You’re a seeker who wants to learn! You’ll also make a new female friend this upcoming year who will have some life-changing advice for you.

I’m excited for you!


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  1. A

    I too am worried about my relationship making it or not. I am afraid to leave but am miserable if I stay. I recommend making sure that wherever you decide to nice to, if it’s worth him, make sure you in the lease. I’ve been kicked out and treated like a charity case because I am not on ours. If he insists in things in his name, I would have back up plan.

  2. Denise fernandes

    Im wondering if my mate n i are going to make and if this move will be ok .oh and if my money situation will happen soon..ty


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