Psychic Q&A: A Fed Up Single Mother

Psychic Q&A: A Fed Up Single Mother

Will He Ever Grow Up?

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Dear Nevada,

I am a single mother of four. My youngest is 18 and my oldest is 28. I’m the most concerned about my oldest son. I worked really hard throughout the years to support my kids, but my oldest son just doesn’t take care of the jobs he gets. He has no responsibilities, so he walks off his jobs whenever he feels like it. I don’t want to support him anymore. I’ve told him that several times! I want to know if he will ever become responsible for his own life and move out.

I get really upset when I think about my life.


Psychic Nevada ext. 6581 responds:

Dear Rosa,

Thank you for sharing your experience as a single mother—one seeking the best for her children, as well as the best for herself.

Months from now, it appears your son will be moving out due to a romantic interest or opportunity with a female friend. This will be instrumental in his choice to leave his single mother’s home. Your oldest son’s romantic interest will push him to move and to truly begin clarifying his ideas and the necessary compromises he needs to make in order to have professional success and self-sufficiency.

Some of your son’s resistance to keeping a steady job comes from not seeing the value in commitment, or keeping jobs he’s not passionate about. His romantic interest will also face challenges with him, such as setting boundaries, resolving romantic conflicts, self-doubt, and remaining focused on not returning to the comfort of your home.

The changes in his romantic life will certainly inspire your son. However, he will focus more on romance than professional progress for now. There is a timeline of six months that may continue to challenge you both too. I don’t see him having money or a job when he moves out.

Thank you for the opportunity to look into the energies around you that are helping to create the changes you desire!

With gratitude,


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