Psychic Q&A: Mother-in-Law Problems

Will Her Husband Have to Choose?

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Psychic Nevada,

I’m writing to you because I have mother-in-law problems. My husband and I married about a year ago but we don’t live together. In fact, we live in two different states. After our engagement, I said I would move in with him and my future step-son at a later date. Well, that hasn’t happened yet.

After marrying my husband, his family became obsessively involved in our marriage. His mother would yell at me on the phone and push me to move in with my husband. She even came over to the house unannounced while I was visiting, and my husband had no problem with it. My mother-in-law has a key to my husband’s house.

When I expressed concern about her behavior, my husband brushed it off until it escalated into a big argument with my in-laws. After that, I told my husband that I no longer wanted to move in with him. Will my mother-in-law problems be resolved? If not, I’m afraid that they will lead to a divorce.


Psychic Nevada ext. 6581 responds:

The mother-in-law problems that you have been experiencing in your marriage are showing up as a persistent soul challenge for both you and your husband. The greatest challenge appears to be your husband wanting, in fact, to have a stronger bond and relationship with you—despite the antagonistic energy of his mother. The clearest path towards a resolution looks like creating a plan to live together.

If you live together, your husband will be able to begin establishing boundaries with his mother. It will be easier for him to detach from her and his family’s point of view. But your husband can’t do it on his own and with you in another state. Moving in with him will fill the space for companionship his mother and other family members have been occupying.

Any time spent with his family during the holidays may prove to be very challenging on your emotional reserves. Please try to minimize this if you can. And, plan more time to connect and restore your one-on-one relationship with your husband instead.

While you are not alone in your mother-in-law problems, every couple needs a solid plan for healing poor communications, emotional and physical distance, and strengthening the marital bond to prevent outside influences from attempting to dismantle the relationship. Divorce can be prevented with a solid plan to build up your union as a unit, despite all!


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