Psychic Q&A: Need to Move On

Psychic Q&A: Need to Move On | California Psychics

Finding Peace

I dated a guy for 11 months, but we broke up in April. I felt like he was betraying and neglecting me. I asked him where we stood a few weeks ago, and his answer, as always, is that we are just friends, but once I get myself together we can start dating again.
What can I do to stop wondering when or if that time is going to come? I appreciate any help and advice that you can give me.

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Need to Move On

  1. Bene

    I turn 61 this year…
    I keep wondering if I will ever meet someone to share my life with… at one time I had hoped to remarry, but I feel even that out of reach anymore. I don’t mind my own space, but still miss being in a loving relationship even if it doesn’t include marriage.. Is there any hope?


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