Psychic Q&A: The Perfect Soulmate

Does the Perfect Soulmate Exist?

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Dear Psychic Nevada,

I’ve met someone I can only describe as the perfect soulmate. The first time I saw him the ground under me fell away. We became inseparable and we were never away from each other for more than a week. I fell for him completely. He was my first love. Over the months, we had our wars but we always came back together. Just two weeks ago, he moved 800 miles away back to his family. His mother is ill, and I think there was some other stuff going on.

When he left we fought horribly. Now we don’t speak, and I feel like I have lost my best friend, my heart, and the perfect soulmate. I have no idea if I will ever see this man again or if he will ever be a part of my life again. I feel like I wanted him so much that I drove him away. Is he gone or is this part of a plan the Universe has for us? Will he come back? He’s the only thing like me I’ve ever found and he’s the only thing that makes me feel like home.


Psychic Nevada ext. 6581 responds:

Dear H.D.,

Thank you for sharing your experience of the perfect soulmate and knowing how intense it can be when a connection is lost or becomes stagnant. I do not see your connection with this man as over because the genuine connection you share with this man is still very real and very strong. Even though the current disconnect is a true challenge to your patience and confidence, the powerful attraction between you two is palpable.

His family still appears to be a significant reason for being emotionally and mentally unavailable for any relationship. He appears to be spending most of his time with family and also psychologically exhausted and a bit emotionally hardened by his extended commitment to them.

While he may have left primarily due to his mother’s health, he now finds himself dealing with conflicting personalities and passive-aggressive conflicts. His energy level to continue this way is not as great as it once was. Now, he is becoming increasingly anxious and unable to silence his inner voice calling out to him more and more. Slowly but surely he will begin prioritizing himself again.

As he slowly begins to make the choice toward greater balance, communication with you will begin again once he stops fighting his intuitive voice. His intuitive voice, or inner voice, is asking him to figure out how to balance his commitment to his family with his intuitive connection to you. During your communication, he will still be obligated to family, emotionally not where you are, and not yet available to go forward or begin again as the perfect soulmate. His self-awareness is also quite different, or less than yours, and will affect his readiness and consistency in any relationship at this time.

Wishing you the best.


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  1. Linda Pybrum

    I have been in this relationship for 6 months. It was becoming very serious. Then he wanted to go to lunch with his ex girl friend. He said he needed her help with his reverse mortgage. He later told me he wants to continue to see her as friends. I said no. We argue and he texted me he would do what he wanted to. I more less said go ahead but I won’t be there. We haven’t talked in two days. Will he chose me or a ex ? He told me they alway argued.

  2. Nicole herman

    Does Manuel Alvarado. He lives austin texas. Does he miss me. And love me. Does he want to be with me 4 ever. When he going to call me back or text me back. Thanks. And he 35 years old.


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