Psychic Q&A: Will He Marry Me?

Psychic Q&A: Will He Marry Me with Psychic Rika | California Psychics

Dear Rika,

Steve and I have been together for over four years. Our relationship is strong, and we truly enjoy our time together. But I am interested in getting married, and I believe he is happy to keep things the way they are. I need to know if this relationship will progress to marriage, or if this is all it will be? And I guess, if he doesn’t want to get married, I need to know the reason why, for my own peace of mind.


Psychic Rika ext. 5376 responds:

Rika responds

Hi Denise,
I feel that you are asking this from a place of insecurity in your relationship, and I would like to put those insecurities to rest. Your man is completely dedicated to you and your relationship; he’s not going to leave you, and you never need to worry.

My advice to you is to look inward. What does marriage actually mean to you Denise? Why is a marriage certificate so important to you? Do you really believe that marriage will validate your relationship when it is already on such solid ground? Ask yourself these questions, and if, after your meditations, you find that marriage is essential for you, I want you to pray. Pray that Steve will recognize how important it is for you two to be married. Pray for that number one connection with him and to help that realization take hold.

While your prayers are going to work on this issue, don’t bring the subject up to him; just have faith. I would also counsel that you should let go of what you think he is feeling and thinking, especially any assumptions that he is happy to leave things as they are. My guides are showing me that he is truly in love with you and will marry you if it means everything to you. Trust your prayers Denise.


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14 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Will He Marry Me?

  1. Tina Dillon

    I been dealing with this guy about 10 years his name Derrick Jackson DOB 1/2/1980. We decided to be in a committed relationship about 11/2 ago didn’t really go well because he would rather hang out with his friends & neglect spending time with me. We have been off & on & im ready for marriage. Do he really love me? Is he the one or is it time for me to move on? Is there a future with us?

  2. Crystal J

    I have always felt that way, that to me ‘marriage’ is just a piece of paper that combines taxes and what many are raised or told is ‘the way’. When no, it’s a culture, an idea, a choice of your own. I feel the financial system is a part of it that has warped many minds on the true meening and concept of Love. As LOVE is truly the key. Example: (10yrs ago) My 1st was to be ‘married’ man in my past was to happen but yet kept stalling, why? One is that I feel is my pre existing medical condition epilepsy and many other medical issues/drama (real long story short version). I had cheated on him back then (as we were drifting apart do to the concept of money) and am with that man now. After however, we had our own weird line ups of crossing paths as we didn’t ‘hook up’ the minute we met and I just left the pre hubby for him (ironic history of crossing paths from when we first met and NOW are together). And because of our past and emotional connections, he loves me dearly and wants to get married but this time I don’t. Because I love him and there’s more to marriage than a piece of paper. As honey, look at it this way (I tell him) do you know the financial, emotional and physical involvement in it considering my medical history? Meening that our finances would go through the roof when we can just make it now, I get better chances of financial support for all my meds if I don’t ‘sign’ that paper (marriage license) and we then have a better way to save money and not struggle on other financial needs like basic bills, shelter, food etc. Depending on how he’s feeling he can get upset or frustrated like he’s ‘not loved’ but still will call me his Wife (like he sees this pretty box but doesn’t know what’s fully inclosed in it). To me though personally, I just don’t like the word ‘husband’, it’s a label of warped description because of what many were taught, as you are not ‘my husband’/’my property’, you are YOU, someone I deeply care for and Love, another part of ME in a sence. For some reason I just don’t understand that question ‘Why won’t they marry me?’, People- What is truly Marriage? It’s LOVE, and you need a signature for that? Oh dear. The MIND lasts forever where as everything else of the material world fades away at some point.

  3. Doreen

    Hi rita
    I m seeing a guy now my lover my true love and he says that he’s going to make me his forever is there any truth to that…. cux I’m leaving the guy I m with to go with my lover

  4. Tracey Amacker

    Well I ever have another child I’m 40 years old and I have 2 grown kids 21 and 18 and well I get married again

  5. Sharon Roberts

    I have dreams alot some be good and sone be confusing and strong sensing other people Energies a lot of times what all dose it mean?

  6. Helen

    I have been talking to a man for a few months now.and want ti know is he serious about his feeling for me .and is he truthful about this it even worth the effort.tired of being lonely

  7. Christel

    I need to ask about my relationship where it is going what will come of us and about my business and what will come of it I am struggling for answers right now

  8. Tina Marie Poole

    I have been with this man for 5 years and had to deal with alot of his cheating and lieing sould i just give up on him or keep trying i love adigun with all my heart but he has put me through alot and it’s getting old i don’t no if he really loves me or just using me help me sould i just move on

  9. Tosha

    I am currently dating a old time friend, we’re moving slow towards a relationship “I hope”.. I’m curious to know do he feel the same way I do and will we be in it for the long run!!

  10. Susan

    Does he love me ? I’ve been with a man for years he’s sick with cancer he doesn’t state I’m his girlfriend but he’s very good to my kids when they we young till now . He takes care of me buys me cars every thing we are not together often but I love him will he ever love me

  11. Lara

    Great advice . So happy we all have so much help all around us. All we need to do is ask ;). Thank you ‍♀️


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