Red Responds: She Felt the Layoff Coming

Susanne in Redondo Beach writes:

I was just laid off today, and although I have felt this coming, I am shocked and scared. Due to some difficulties a while back, I have absolutely no money to fall back on. If I cannot find a job soon, I will not be able to pay rent next month. I am open to any kind of work right now to keep me above water until I can find a permanent job.

I was really hoping to get into my dream job this year, but somehow this seems out of reach now as once again I am in dire financial stress. If I had only myself to contend with, I could start from scratch. But I rescue cats, and I have a few too many right now, and I am worried there will be nowhere for them to go. I am worried that I will lose them. They are my life, my family, my children. I am nothing without them. Do you see me getting a handle on my situation quickly so my babies and I are safe while still having the opportunity to train for and enter my dream career? Thank you for your insight and guidance.

Dear Susanne,

You are in a pretty bad spot, and things are going to be scary for awhile. I really wish I could tell you that things are going to just click into place, but the truth is, you are going to be struggling to maintain the necessities of life for the next couple of months.

The good news is, I don’t see you losing your place, so you and the kitties will continue to have a roof over your head. The bad news is, you need to pare down the litter, not only to save money, but also because of a lack of time. Even though it is hard, you will find forever homes for a handful of your rescued children.

Your lack of time comes about because I see you working two jobs. I’m not sure if it is both, but certainly one of the two is part-time. It’s going to be a hectic schedule for you, and the money isn’t great, but between the two and a little help from family or friends, you are going to manage to squeak by.

I’d also like to encourage you to check with your local municipality to see what you need to do to collect donations for your rescue work. Even though you aren’t in a position to take in any more strays, there is something out there that can help you fund caring for the ones you have. I’m also seeing a donation jug in a convenience store. While I don’t know what the laws and regulations are concerning how you go about these things, I can tell you that you will find out, and that knowledge will be helpful and beneficial to you currently and in the future.

Things will start to ease up and level out for you come April, and you will be able to start paying back some debts. Don’t give up on your plans for training for your dream job, because it’s not out of the question, just a tad bit delayed. By November, you will have one job that pays better and replaces the two.

Even though the year is starting out hard, you will prevail through the turbulence and chaos. Overall, 2009 looks like it will unfold into being an exhausting, but pretty good year for you.

Good luck!
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