10 Tarot Cards That Mean You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

10 Tarot Cards That Mean You've Met Your Twin Flame | California Psychics

That Twin Flame Feeling

It can begin as a warm and tingly feeling in your Heart Chakra, a twinge of recognition that is as mysterious as it is beautiful. You feel centered with this person. Your thoughts flow freely, your words come from somewhere deep inside, and as you look into their eyes there is something familiar about them.

Signs from the Universe

There can be astrological cues that signal you have met your Twin Flame. Often, the person will be born within one day, on either side, of your birthdate. Their rising sign, (ascendant) might be at the exact same degree of the zodiac. Or, your moon signs will land within a degree of each other.

You might notice that you share the same childhood heroes and obsessions. Or, some physical characteristics could be the same, such as moles appearing in the exact same place on the body or hands that look identical.

Whatever the causes, signs, and signals that present themselves, your basic identities are a mirror image of each other. You “get” each other instantly, and feel at peace in one another’s presence. There can be sexual attraction, too, but not always.

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate

Physical attraction resides more often in the soulmate realm. And, soul “twins” and soul “mates” are distinct from each other. Soul Twins can even come from the animal realm, for people report that certain pets possess their Twin Flame characteristics. Soulmates are frequently passionate, impossible, spectacular, and luscious connections that force us to learn through striving and reaching. Twin Flame connections by contrast are the “soft place to fall.” Those places that bring an inexplicable feeling of peace and wholeness. Why? Because when you have met your Twin Flame you have actually met the other half of your soul, without whom you will never totally feel complete.

There can be several soulmates for one person, but there is just one Twin Flame. Twin Flames have the unique office of accelerating the spiritual growth and evolution of each other. They do this by dealing with the blocks and issues that they both share. When one of them heals, the other heals automatically because they share one soul. Twin Flames share karma with each other, and neither is free till both are free.

Though Twin Flames are frequently not on planet earth at the same time, sometimes they are. If you think this has happened to you and would like verification, a Tarot reading that brings up a boatload of the following cards could confirm that you are right.

The Twin Flame Confirmation

Having one or two of these Tarot cards in a spread does not confirm a Twin Flame encounter, as much as it does the start of a delightful romance. Getting six or more is a strong signal from the Universe that a very important relationship is about to take place!

The Moon

Emotion meets emotion. The heart is nourished and revived. The subconscious brings dreams of each other, which are actually astral visitations, vivid and personal. Waking life seems dim by contrast.

Reversed: The intensity of looking into an emotional “mirror” image can sometimes be too much. The telepathy between you can cause double emotional distress when it is surfacing. Strive for some individual time for each of you.

The Sun

Their soul knows your soul. Warmth radiates between you. Your energy is identical. Your goals are the same, in essence, and so are your loves and hates.

Reversed: Guard against energy drains brought about by over-giving to your Twin.

The Star

You’ve wanted this forever, the feeling of being totally understood. It seems like an impossible vision. You’re visiting a star together.

Reversed: You may be having impossible-to-meet expectations and holding your Twin up to an impossible standard.

The World

All circuits are connecting. You have everything you want, across all categories of connection. The potential of your togetherness is unlimited.

Reversed: Show patience if all doesn’t come together for you instantly. The incredible potential is still there.

The Lovers

Karmic energy is flowing. Flash-backs of your past lives together could surface. The times and locations of these are evidenced in your clothes and conversations.

Reversed: Some karma that leads to spiritual growth is difficult and challenging. Accept that it is leading you to a higher good.

The Ace of Cups

Your heart is overflowing, and so is your cup of happiness. This is “bigger” than other connections and relationships. This is the one you’ve waited for.

Reversed: Just as joy is larger, sorrow can be larger, too, when you are with your Twin.

The Two of Cups

Your minds are in sync and you share thoughts through telepathy. Talking is optional, but when you talk, you finish each other’s sentences. You find each other attractive, but it’s not limited to sex or chemistry.

Reversed: Don’t try to fit this relationship into standard “categories.” It’s too encompassing, and it won’t work.

Six of Cups

How could there be such total happiness in doing nothing? When one of you inhales, the other exhales, complete and total peace.

Reversed: Part of being human is experiencing some boredom. Don’t make the mistake of blaming the other when you get into a rut.

King of Cups

You aren’t just “listened to,” you are “heard.” This person somehow “reads” your soul. They become your most gifted spiritual advisor.

Reversed: Sensitive people are, well, sensitive! Accept the downside of this.

Queen of Cups

You can see each other’s futures through intuition. Your psychic abilities are heightened by the presence of the other. Your relationship becomes an entity, bigger than the sum of you two individually.  

Reversed: Don’t let psychic become psychiatric. Stay balanced and grounded.

Get Some Validation

If you’re unsure whether you’ve met your Twin Flame or not, reading with a Tarot Card Psychic can help. If you’ve performed your own readings before, they can explain what was unclear to you, while also giving you a Tarot reading with a different perspective.

Looking for a deeper connection to Spirit? A tarot card reading is your answer. Tarot cards give you a direct connection to Spirit so you receive profound insights into your past, present, and future. Our tarot card psychics interpret Spirit’s messages for you so you know what you’re getting is the unadulterated truth.

Learn more about how psychic readings work backed by real testimonials, and read through our Psychic Tools & Abilities Blog for more insight on tarot readings.

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