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The Power of Tarot

The deep, gorgeous colors of the Art Nouveau Tarot by Matt Myers drew me in this week so powerfully. The Art Nouveau movement was born around 1890 and experienced its heyday through 1910. It featured curved and sensual designs that were seen all across Europe during that period and beyond. It was such a pleasure to work with these cards this week. Let’s ask our angels, guides, and nature spirits to join us for our reading and give us each what we most need to know.

The stained glass panels in these beautiful cards make me feel like I’ve entered a sacred dimension. The figures, though idealized in form, are contemporary and attractive. Even in cards representing difficult energies, the images are optimistic and seem to be meeting the challenge. It is an energetic and hopeful Tarot deck full of life, juiciness, and new possibilities.

Let’s see what the week holds for us.

June 16 – Sunday

The World

The woman pictured wears an indigo robe, the color of intuition and the higher chakras. A butterfly and bird adorn her wrists. Her skin is alive and glowing. She appears to be ready to take off in flight. She smiles confidently, as if reassuring us somehow. She knows the world is hers, and knows that she knows. The wreath that frames her head is fiery and green, representing both the inspiration of spirit and the vitality of Earth. She is a traveler between realms both physical and spiritual.

This card is a wonderful omen. It urges us to look at our lives and situations from the highest eternal perspective. By going for the highest spiritual thought in every situation we draw down the highest and best for all involved.

Question: What situation could I look for the highest good today?

June 17 – Monday

Seven of Staves (Wands)

This is a card about challenge. The figures are not alone in their challenge though; they are united and supporting each other. Their faces are raised, resolutely but peacefully, toward what is assailing them. Their resources are great, for they show richness and beauty in their dress and posture. They are meeting the challenge successfully.

This card tells us to put our best foot forward in unexpected challenges. Our resources are greater than we may know. We are not alone, but are supported by those on this plane of existence and those on the other side, as well. It will all work out beneficially. Let’s remember to ask for the support that is always there.

Question: Who and what supports me today in this challenge? How can I meet it with my “best face” and help turn it into an asset?

June 18 – Tuesday

Two of Cups

Our couple is toasting each other from a common cup. It is the cup of love. If a relationship is on our minds today, love is nearer than we may know. The couple looks to each other tenderly and the deeply, and the watery blue of their clothes and surroundings indicates it is a royal moment. They seem serene and transfixed on each other as they share the “loving cup” together.

This card is about loving the disparate parts of ourselves and being open to new love in our surroundings. Love is nearer than we think.

Question: How can I be more open to receiving love today in all forms and in all situations?

June 19 – Wednesday

Six of Staves (Wands)

The Art Nouveau depiction of this card uses romantic symbolism to denote a victory. The man and woman stand in splendor, adoring each other and savoring the moment. Romance is the admiring glance of another reflected back onto us. Someone has said “Yes,” to our proposal.

This card tells of glory and celebration, pride and honor. A long sought-after prize, whether of love, appreciation, freedom, or money, is finally ours. Recognition after a long struggle is possible.

Question: How can we win and help others to win today? In what ways is a win for one, a win for all? How does the Cosmos work together for good?

June 20 – Thursday


In the Art Nouveau deck the Temperance angel, Gabriel, has taken feminine form and is standing at the edge of clear, rushing water. Perfection is being created.

Temperance, as one of the most important cards in the Major Arcana, speaks to us of how to channel our own highest self. In balance, the impossible can become possible, opposites can merge and bring about better versions of ourselves.

Question: What can bring me back to wholeness and balance today?

June 21 – Friday

Knight of Wands

We are challenged now to reach for what we want by the fiery energy of the Knight of Wands. Action, vision and belief are required now. Visualization for a desired outcome is a necessary mental, emotional, and spiritual action that we must perform initially; as is asking for beneficial energies from a loving Source to support us in our goal. Finally, outer level action is called for to make something happen. These are the lessons of the Knight of Wands for us today.

Question: What do I really want that I can take one definite step toward today? Can I take two definite steps toward making it happen?

June 22 – Saturday

Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups shows a person faced with too many possibilities. She is in a state of confusion, illusion, and chaos. She is challenged to discern the difference between what is valuable to her life and what is just a pointless distraction.

Can she realize that not all fantasies are worth experiencing or are even possible to achieve? How can healthy self-discipline actually give her more choice and freedom?

Question: What could I do today, and what do I really want to do today? What decision feels best to my heart?

Thanks for joining me this week. See you next time.

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