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It is the general consensus among California Psychics that you are born with a psychic gift to a greater or lesser degree. But like most intense and even counter-intuitive talents, recognizing what you have and developing it comes at various stages of people’s lives for myriad reasons.

To help shed some light on the matter, we asked our psychics to discuss when and why someone might become psychic mid-life, and if they had become psychic without a near death experience.

Many mediums reported knowing they were psychic as young children. For others, a hidden or unacknowledged psychic talent was indeed forced to the surface by a personal hardship or traumatic event much later in life, including a near death experience.

Psychic Barbie ext. 9295 is a perfect example. She reports that though she knew she had a gift, which in fact runs in her family, she only started to hone her abilities in mid-life after the death of her husband.

“My late grandmother had psychic abilities, she just never let it be known,” Barbie explained. “I knew I had the ability I just didn’t connect to the energy and ability until he passed. And it was by using a psychic that everything was brought to light.

By contrast, Psychic Jesse ext. 9027 has considerable experience with people who recognized their psychic ability later in life, and she reckons it’s a matter of maturity. “This is a very powerful gift, and the universe did not clue them in until they were older, perhaps because they needed to become more “independent in thought and deed” before they could give themselves “permission” to utilize and develop psychic gifts that were always there.” She contends, “getting a bit older often brings great freedom in many areas of life!”

Having a near death experience is not really a major factor in becoming a psychic or recognizing the talent, Jesse adds. “As a fourth generation psychic, I am the only member of my family who has had a near death experience, but I was aware of my natural abilities from a very young age so the near death experience did not make me psychic but it certainly expanded my gifts and understanding.”

Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146 says that in her experience, a psychic can be born with inherited intuitive abilities but not necessarily become aware of them until adulthood or even mid-life. It is a matter of trusting their “intuition.” For many people this trust does not come until much later in life.

“A psychic may grow up in a family or an area that is not supportive of the psychic’s intuitive abilities. This can hinder the psychic until they come to terms with their abilities or strengthens their use,” Maryanne explains.

Psychic Leo ext. 5265 agrees. Though a near death experience can unleash innate psychic powers in a person, it is not a prerequisite. “Hidden psychic talents are more often suppressed or cultivated depending on socialization.” That is to say, “Psychics can become psychic without near death experiences. Sometimes people’s gifts can be clouded by their environment or by people’s influences and then at a later time, it is unlocked through different circumstances or situations in their life.”

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