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Family Support Tarot Spread | California Psychics

Keeping Up Appearances

Looking forward to the next family holiday? Perhaps yours is similar to the following scenario.

Sticking to Family Traditions

You know that twelve-hour get-together where you eat stuff you wouldn’t normally choose, shout above ear-splitting music you’re really not into, and say quite a few things you really don’t mean.

Maybe, it’s at Aunt Molly’s. She’s really a dear, but you’re allergic to her pets and the perfumed hand soap she puts out for guests in the washroom.

Did you remember the cortisone? You forgot to bring your own soap in that plastic bag in your pocket because you were busy making the candied yams from scratch that take four hours to fix. The ones you make every year. The ones that drip all over your clothes as you wrestle them out of the car.

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, but what is happening to you? About three hours into the celebration, you find yourself getting overly sensitive to remarks being made. The food coloring in the cupcakes is giving you a migraine. The kitchen clean-up you were planning on helping with is looking more grueling.

Someone coos about the recent accomplishments of your sister.

“What have you been up to lately?” They shoot you a blank and confused look when you attempt to explain your current manner of work and avenue of income.

That sense of being trapped is building inside you.

Just as Uncle Joe brings out his new gun collection to impress you with, you cast about for any excuse to bolt out the door. But, you have to go back in because your favorite salad bowl is still on the potluck table and your wallet is under the coats in the bedroom.

The Forgotten Secret

All people, and all families, need support sometimes. Beyond the messy kitchen, the obnoxious soap, and the divergent political views, what is really going on in your mind and emotions when you reflect on your family?

What you’re really worried sick about is your six-year-old, who’s having trouble in school. Everyone else’s kids seem to be excelling. Or, so you’re being told. Your partner is so concerned about the problem that he stayed home with your child this year instead of going to the family party. You feel you are sticking out like a sore thumb amidst all the smiling couples, and you’re wondering if things could really get any worse.

Welcome to family dynamics.

Tarot to the Rescue

Excuse yourself as gracefully as possible and explain that there’s an important call you need to make in your car. Pull out your Tarot cards and consider the following:

Family Support Tarot Spread

This is an eight-card Tarot spread, laid out in three lines, top to bottom. Line one: Cards one, two, and three; line two: Cards four and five; line three: Cards six, seven, and eight.

Card One- Current Family Dynamics

Seven of Swords

Currently, a lot of facts and truths are being withheld by my partner and me where it concerns the family as a whole. We feel we need to face this alone. This avoids the problem; it doesn’t solve it.

Card Two- The Energy I Bring to This

Empress (reversed)

I am suffering a lot of feelings and feel that I have to put on a bright and happy face in front of my extended family. I do not realize that I can be helped by trusting my family community with the truth about my child. I do not see that I could accept their love and help with it.

Card Three- The Energy My Partner Brings

King of Cups

My partner is facing the situation more honestly than I currently am. He is being honest about what he needs to do on this holiday and is being honest about what would be most beneficial for our child at this point.

Card Four- The Energy Our Child Brings

The High Priestess

Our child brings loving energy and just wants to be accepted for who they are. She sees that Mom and Dad are worried and disappointed, and are fearful of what to do. They feel their cousins pulling back from them and treating them as “different.” They are sad about that. They have deep emotional wisdom. They are an “old” soul and on some level knows that this is part of their family’s spiritual evolution.

Card Five- What Do I Most Need to Know About Our Child?

The Fool

They are spontaneous, original, and daring! What I need to know about my child is that they are gifted in unique ways that may not fit others’ measuring tools.

I need to know how to recognize their strengths and talents that don’t necessarily fall into the cookie-cutter categories of school achievement. I need to talk to caring people in the community to get information about ways to support non-traditional learners. I need to accept the community’s love and concern and be willing and open to trying their ideas.

Card Six- What Will Happen if There is No Intervention?

Five of Cups

If we don’t intervene for our child, they will develop low self-esteem, and tend to withdraw. They may act out in ways that won’t assist their growth and happiness.

Card Seven –What Action Needs to be Taken for Our Child?

The Magician

We need to research and reach out to others in the larger community who are going through similar problems. We need to have our child lovingly assessed by a counselor, listen, and take the advice that might be positive for them.

We need to pay closer attention to their words and emotions, and what they like to do and explore. We need to more fully acknowledge them for the smart and creative things we see them do.

We need to reach out with more trust in the likelihood that some of the family will get “on board” to support our child’s learning and development.

Card Eight- What is the Best Outcome for Our Child with the Right Support?

The Sun

Our gifted, unique child will feel seen, loved, and celebrated for who they are. They can continue along the path their higher self has planned for them in this lifetime and fulfill their destiny.

The Support is There

It can be hard to trust your family with your personal struggles. However, humans are social creatures, meant to be a part of a community, and help each other when needed. Let the Tarot guide you to the support you need in difficult moments. The outpouring of love you find may surprise you.

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