Guardian Angel Tarot: April 26 – May 2

Guardian Angel Tarot: April 26-May 2 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

At last a tarot deck created for highly sensitive people who want accurate, detailed, and gentle answers and advice. These cards are comforting and soft, and the pink, dotted borders look like Victorian wallpaper!

The interpretations amplify the deck’s answers in a way that focuses on the highest and greatest good for all involved in the situation we’re asking about. The deck and guidebook, authored by Radleigh Valentine, calls it a “pipeline to heaven”. He recommends that when we open a reading, we ask the Divine to “bring blessings to everyone involved” in our questions, and that the message be clear and helpful.

He suggests that we “give any worries about doing the reading wrong to God and the angels.” So, it is a process that only brings healing, not more fear and stress.

Let’s enter Radleigh’s beautiful world right now and see what the week holds.

April 26 – Sunday

Healer of Abundance (Pentacles)

The card says that you may be called on to take care of others today in matters relating to supply and abundance. The card also says, happily, that you will be able to. Creative and sound ideas on how to do so will be destined to succeed.

This card could represent another person in your immediate environment. This person is openhearted and nurturing, but also a substantial achiever. They have something specific to teach you today. The card says to focus on fitness and good health in whatever way you can right now.

April 27 – Monday

Manifest your Dreams (The Magician)

Your angels are walking beside you, helping you to manifest today. Remembering this fact will bring out the most in it. Look for omens today and focus on them with joy and gratitude. You will be aware of a connecting pattern in your Life Path. Realize today that you are now prepared for a project or task that you want to do. Proceed. The resources you need will meet you along the way.

April 28 – Tuesday

Five of Abundance (Pentacles)

“Earth angels” will be offering to help you start something new. Accept their help, because you really are feeling very challenged now. Remember this is temporary. Move forward one step at a time after reviewing your plan. Wait a little longer to start an independent venture because the energy now is about cooperation and teamwork. Practice asking your angels in Spirit, and on planet earth, for what you need today.

April 29 – Wednesday

Nine of Thought (Swords)

Fear may be leading you toward expecting the worst today. You don’t need to fear. Expect good and Universal intelligence will bring it your way.

Release all energy that isn’t yours to take on. It can be surprising where it lurks. Just dump it by visualizing and feeling negativity drain off you. Ask your guides and angels for a protected and peaceful night’s sleep.

Stop berating yourself. Nothing is to be gained by reliving the past. Reach out to the present and future with both hands.

April 30 – Thursday

Messenger of Thought (Swords)

You’ll be feeling excited to learn about a new intellectual project today. Information will be pouring in from everywhere. Don’t get confused. Just ask for guidance on what you are supposed to take away from it all. Changes are in the air and they are coming swiftly.

A mentally alive person is in your environment today. He or she will stimulate new thought. Listen to all points of view, and accept and appreciate all constructive feedback. Review any written or spoken communications you are responsible for, and everything will be fine.

May 1 – Friday

Eight of Abundance (Pentacles) Happy May Day!

This is a day of celebration so only study topics that thrill you and bring you happiness! You might feel like participating in online meetings, webinars, and discussions. If you do it will be most worthwhile. Self improvement is fun and natural for you today. It is definitely the theme of today but remember to mix it with fun.

May 2 – Saturday

Five of Emotion (Cups)

If you are feeling sad today, forgiveness of another and, especially, yourself is called for. Although some cups of happiness may have been overturned there are some important ones still standing! Be sure to focus on these. It’s okay to be a little dramatic about events though. Some things are pretty extreme.

Remember every loss brings a new opportunity. It’s fine to feel sad, but embrace the loving energy surrounding you now. You will soon be feeling joy.

A Fun spread to Try: Angel Whispers Spread

This is a seven card spread to use as a lens into any day of a given week. It runs Sunday to Saturday, and is laid out in a straight horizontal row in that sequence.

Shuffle and ask the angels what you most need to know about each day in the week you are entering. Lay the cards face down on the table.

When you feel focused, draw one card for Sunday, then one for Monday, and so on until you get to Saturday.

Keep them facedown and meditate on one day at a time, starting with Sunday. Turn the cards over individually and study each message in the images for that day.

If there is something important coming up on a given day or if you have a choice of when to schedule an important event, find which day has the best energies for what you want to accomplish.

Look deeply into the card’s images and jot down the messages which the angels send through a direct route to you intuitively.

Thank the angels for their guidance and return the deck to its proper place, knowing how and when to take action for the most success.

Thanks for joining me, and Happy May!

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