Magick Tarot: December 16 – 22

Magick Tarot: December 16 - 22

The Power of Tarot

Given the magical nature of the season, we’ll focus on the Magick Tarot, a book by tarot expert Magick Altman. She takes an in-depth look at each card, and calls reversals “the shadow,” so we will take those into account as well. Happy winter solstice everyone!

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Day (#XVI – The Tower; Mars): The Tower appears as a wake-up call and demands that we recognize the false, limiting structures in our lives, and embrace change even as our world is falling apart. Magick quotes Pema Chodron to illustrate the meaning of The Tower: “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.” On a practical level, The Tower can spell the end of a job, the loss of a home, the tumultuous end of a relationship, or an intense internal shock and illumination.

Evening (King of Wands; Scorpio/Sagittarius): Tonight there’s a danger of flying too close to the Sun, like Icarus, where no one can help us. Pride, escapism and a lack of follow-through are other character defects of this king. Do you always need to be the leader, and lack the ability to follow? Or is the converse true, whereby you stay stuck in paralyzing fears and have a tendency to be overly cautious all the time? The Magick Tarot encourages you to be careful about leaping into success too fast as well, so as not to get tripped up by saboteurs or unseen pitfalls.


Day (Seven of Cups [Reversed]; Venus in Scorpio): The shadow side, or reversed Seven of Cups shows a lack of awareness that what you need is in your heart. It also indicates that you are choosing other means for temporary gratification such as shopping, alcohol, drugs, pornography, video games, social media, TV, and/or junk food. You could also be avoiding your soul’s desire via somewhat healthy means such as working, working out, or reading. If you’re suffering from addiction, it’s time to explore other ways to love yourself and find healthy forms of self-expression.

Evening (IV – The Emperor/Visionary Activist; Aries): With The Emperor, we are being asked to examine our relationship to power, both internally and externally. The Emperor also asks us to examine our ability to exercise power at work and in relationships. Many times, The Emperor will bring up father issues, and how we have internalized the father figure. Fear and indolence, together with an indulgent father, can keep us from our true potential as an independent person. To truly understand our parents is to grow beyond both dependency and rebellion and understand them as human beings—just like us.


Day (Ten of Swords; Sun in Gemini): This image symbolizes the mind’s inability to listen and act from a place of love. Thought is caught in a web of fear and yet the mind obsessively pursues a plan, an answer—anything to find a way to fix the situation. There is a feeling that nothing will work, nothing can help, and desperation, isolation, and madness ensue. In reality, isolation and preoccupation of the mind are blocking the way during this difficult time. Magick sums it up by saying, “The heart needs understanding, the body needs touch, and the mind needs a long-deserved rest.”

Evening (XX – The Aeon/Judgment; Fire): Fire is the perfect soundtrack for this card, according to the Magick Tarot. It’s also a good time to check in with your inner child as well. You can reach out and parent the wounded child with compassion. Silence is the place we can go to truly find the guidance from our soul’s timeless knowing. Try to reignite your inner child’s excitement about play and having fun at this time. Try to remember what you wanted to be when you grew up, as this is a key to finding out who you are.


Day (Knight of Cups; Aquarius/Pisces): The appearance of the Knight of Cups represents an offering of love. He is talkative, eloquent, charming, and erudite. The peacock totem suggests that he is well-dressed, cares about appearances, and has exquisite taste too. If this is someone you have just met, you can bask in his sparkling wit, but find out more before you’re swept off your feet. However, if this is you, ask yourself whether you’re just enjoying an exciting night out, or if you’re sincerely offering the cup of love. This knight can be very possessive, and if he wants you all to himself, don’t be flattered—run.

Evening (Prince of Cups [Reversed]; Libra/Scorpio): This prince holds his cards close to his chest and doesn’t let his guard down easily. He’s not concerned with how others feel about him; he must move on his own path no matter what. When reversed, this prince can be harsh, cold, and cruel to mask the intense passions within. Fearing losing control, he will guard his heart like a bank safe, according to the Magick Tarot. He can want power, position, and money just for their own sake. If he doesn’t care about the integrity of his lifework or his family, he will certainly hurt those close to him and move on.


Day (Ace of Disks [Reversed]; Earth): The Ace is the seed of new beginnings in the element of Earth. Earth is the element of manifestation, governing the body, work, possession, and physical accomplishment. The Magick Tarot says it’s important to make sure you’re planting your idea in fertile ground that has been prepared through careful planning. Just like a seed of a flower, there are specific seasons, and conditions that must be considered if it is to survive. The seed needs water (loving attention) until its roots go deep enough to find its own source of food. Therefore, stay focused and attentive so you can bring your seeds to fruition.

Evening (Three of Cups [Reversed]; Mercury in Cancer): It’s time to revitalize communication (Mercury) that celebrates the joys of home and hearth (Cancer). This card often appears when we have forgotten to make our home feel vibrant and alive with social and family gatherings. When reversed, this may be an indication that we have become too isolated, perhaps focusing too much on our primary relationship. According to the Magick Tarot, this card can also bring up jealousy or the fear of loss.


Day (Knight of Disks; Leo/Virgo): Today, it’s important for you to examine your lifework without being defensive. Are you holding on to a job for financial security, when you know there is more to life? If you’re a father, physical activities are great ways for you to bond with your child. Playing sports without a competitive edge, gardening, or just regular walks and talks can also be a perfect way to connect. In relationships, it’s a good time to listen and ask questions too. As a male love interest, this card represents a very loyal and caring partner.

Evening (III – The Empress/Gaia; Venus): It’s time to drink in the abundance of nature and all her delicious pleasures, according to the Magick Tarot. Feast, dance, sing, swim, and make love to each other and the world. It’s also a great time to open yourself to a new relationship or make preparations to grow your family. You are the fertile ground for art, writing, poetry, dance, and music. You fill every project with beauty and your unique expression of truth too.


Day (Nine of Swords; Mars in Gemini): Today, questions arise like, “What is wrong with me?”, “Why doesn’t anyone love me?”, and “How come what I want doesn’t matter?” Nothing is necessarily wrong in the external world, but there’s a lack of energy and a lack of the will to create. This is due to the internal chatter asking why everything is so hard and so painful. The good news is that your internal storyteller can work with your dreams to bring about healing and change too. The Magick Tarot also suggests going deep with therapy, journaling or shamanic work to shift these negative patterns.

Evening (V – The Hierophant; Taurus): The Hierophant asks you to consider your lifework. Are you doing what you “should” according to your parents and teachers or are you listening to your soul’s yearnings and manifesting your unique work in the world? Many times this card indicates a strong connection to the animal world, agriculture, and the preparation of food. These may be fields you need to work in or at least enjoy and experience on a regular basis.

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