How to Get Good Karma in 2019

How to Get Good Karma in 2019

The Force Generated by Your Actions

It’s hard to believe we’re standing on the edge of 2019. Like me, you may be thinking about how 2018 has transpired. I’m thinking about my karma and how it led me to where I am now. Are you thinking about your karma too? Did it help you end 2018 on a good note? Well whether it did or didn’t, I can help you make 2019 a year of good karma.

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Karma is the force that your actions generate. It’s a belief held by Hindus and Buddhists, but it applies to all kinds of people all over the world. You may have heard the old adages, “You reap what you sow,” or “What goes around comes around.” These adages are actually oversimplifications of what karma actually is. You may think that people who do good for the sake of doing good (not to get a reward) have good karma, while people who do good for the sake of getting a reward have bad karma. Karma is actually much more complicated than that.

Doing Good for the Sake of a Reward

Let’s say you find yourself thinking that you should do something good in order to get a reward. This is a selfish thought that does not lead to good karma! Regardless of your theological leanings or beliefs, it should be apparent to you that doing good in the world is better than just doing good for yourself. It’s just the right thing to do. Actions done with love are the building blocks for all good things. Such kindness shines throughout the entire multiverse and in all directions.

Generating Kindness and Compassion for Good Karma

The joyous feeling that comes from helping is beyond compare! Biologically speaking, such acts of compassion fire up endorphins, raises dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels in the brain and make you feel really good. Kindness and compassion fulfill the human heart. We are actually hardwired to care about one another and caring about others leads to good karma.

When Good Things Happen to Bad People

What about the people others consider bad, yet they have everything they want in the world and more? How can someone who lies, cheats, and steals be so prosperous? Some people seem to be floating along quite easily while causing tremendous suffering to the planet, to the ones closest to them, and to so many innocents, that it’s easy to think there is no way for good deeds to have any real impact at all. I know that’s confusing because only good people should have good karma, while bad people should have bad karma, right? Let’s consider these words from the Dalai Lama: “To unravel the meaning in such events is like losing your car keys outside of your home but looking for them inside your house because the light is better. An infinite concept cannot be fully explored nor understood with finite reasoning.”

Karma is a Complicated Concept

What’s interesting about karma is that it’s not only about your actions in your present life—but also your actions in all your previous lifetimes. As I mentioned before, karma is more complicated than you may think. Karma moves slowly, but steadily. This quote provides a brief explanation of what karma really is: “When the bird is alive, it eats ants. When it dies, the ants eat the bird. A tree can create a million matchsticks, but only one matchstick can burn a million trees. What seems to prosper now will, in due time, be the poorer.”

Generating Love and Compassion

We are infinite beings. We move our energies from one dimension to another and we have yet to determine all that we do not know. Certain things, however, do not seem to change as we drift from one incarnation to another. Among those things happens to be the good karma that comes from love and compassion. The more of these attributes you generate, the more you step out of your ever-diminishing circle of existence and break free to experience the fullness of a life well lived and well purposed.

From Ripples to Waves

If you want 2019 to be full of good karma, live like you have so much to offer and to share, and know that you can help heal so many around you! The more you help and the more you love, the more compassion you develop. Period. Even on your most horrible day, you have the opportunity to help someone else. You can alleviate someone else’s suffering and that will make you feel better. Each act of kindness creates ripples that can grow into waves! Soon, the beauty of your heart will eclipse even the darkest of energies. Such is the true meaning of good karma. The love in your spirit should organically flow from you, through you, and return to you. Keep your eyes focused on the light and you will have no fear of shadows.

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