Being a Medium

What do I need to know about Mediums? Not all California Psychics are Mediums, but all Mediums are psychic. This is according to our Mediums who have chosen to serve as an instrument through which loved ones who have passed on can communicate with those who are still here on earth.

This ability, they agree, is a great gift, one that brings about healing and closure for callers and supports the belief for many that our spirit lives on. “I consider it a sacred task,” says one Medium and Tarot reader. “Of all my psychic gifts, it’s the one I cherish the most.”

Working with a Medium can help alleviate some of the grief people go through when they lose a loved one. Some callers want those who have passed on to know that they are duly missed, while others have been left with unanswered questions. Just being able to speak with them often brings giggles to the callers no matter how deep the grief, some of our psychics disclose, as our loved ones on the other side still retain their personality traits.

When callers are haunted by questions they may not have been able to approach family members or friends with in life, a reading with a Medium can bring relief. “Will my wife be upset if I move on and begin dating? Will grandfather be angry if I sell the farm to support the family? Is it okay if we give Aunt Beth’s cat to her best friend’s son since we’re allergic to Muffin?”

At times those on the other side may send a message that cannot be easily confirmed. Caller’s have to check into the information before they understand the truth in it, Donna ext. 9448 a Medium and Clairaudient says. Inevitably they call her back with great surprise at the accuracy.

One of Donna’s clients called about her sister’s fiancé who had recently passed away. “She said his name was Jack, but when he came through he called himself Conrad, a name he said only his closest family members used as a nickname. The information didn’t make sense to my caller, so I told her to ask her sister to confirm it. Her sister was very excited to hear the news.”

Communication with those who have crossed over cannot be predicted, our Mediums convey honestly. Communication can range from nothing, to a vague sense of something or they might get a very strong communication. “A good Medium can tell you in the first few minutes whether or not they are making a connection and they will not try to force it,” discloses a Medium and Astrologer.

To give callers a sense of what it’s like to be a Medium, one psychic describes, “Like a diver who can visit other depths in the sea… in a similar manner, it’s possible for a Medium to visit the realms of spirits through the different densities of vibration, and for those who have crossed over to visit us. But as a communicator, I cannot stay indefinitely at this vibration and spirits, cannot stay at our vibration indefinitely either. Even though this communication through a Medium can be rewarding, I think it is very important for us all to understand that our loved ones, truly, are as close as our next breath.”

Even if lost loved ones, are closest in our own hearts where we carry their memories, our Mediums enjoy opening callers to the signs of communication from loved ones who have passed on. They like callers to know that you, too, can speak with your loved ones. The dreams you have, the signs, sights, smells you may be mysteriously experiencing are not imaginary. Your loved one may be trying to let you know they are there.

Often in closing, clients will say “Will you tell them how much I miss and love them!” one medium reveals. Her reply is always, “You just did.”

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