Red Responds: From the Automotive Field to the Medical Field

Bernadine in Windsor writes:

I recently left a good paying job in the automotive industry as they are downsizing as a cost cutting measure. Could you tell me if entering the medical field is a good choice for me? I have been entertaining the idea but am not sure I can meet the high standards this profession requires. I would be going back to school for training in this field.

Dear Bernadine,

Don’t sell yourself short! Why wouldn’t you be able to meet the standards required in the medical industry? It’s only scary until you know what you are doing, and you can’t know that until you go through school.

First, I’d like to say that you will be a fine student, so you have that challenge well under control. People, science, terminology, and technology are all things that interest you – so a medical career would definitely be a good way to go. I would like to encourage you to look toward a more specialized or technological position, though.

Becoming a nurse, or an assistant of some kind, seems like it would lose its charm for you after a while, but either would expose you to worlds of avenues that you could explore. I’m getting that you would be happier doing something that is hands-on, rather than office or administrative work.

I can see you working in a clinical arena, most likely radiology or phlebotomy, or a position that combines the two. It seems as though you would enjoy and succeed in that type of arena. Spend some time and research various titles and positions, and learn more about the different avenues you can take.

You have what it takes to succeed and be successful. You’re biggest challenge is simply deciding that you are going to do it.

Good luck!
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