Psychic Medium Wows Skeptic

Before I joined the Customer Service Team at California Psychics, I had never had a psychic reading.  I had no strong feelings about psychics either way.  I have always been open to the idea that there are things out there that cannot be explained, but having never experienced anything like this first hand, I was a kind of “open-minded skeptic.”

Then I read with Abrielle.

I didn’t know what to ask or how to phrase things and Abrielle was extremely patient and kind.  I told her I was hoping she could use her skills as a Medium and she was glad to oblige.  She informed me that the way this type of reading worked was she would throw out words and phrases that came to her.  These may seem random, but the people on the other side are trying to let us know that it’s really them.

Now, here’s the backstory . . .  all the stuff she didn’t know . . .

My best friend, Brad, was engaged to my sister and we all lived together in New Hampshire.  In March of 2007, Brad passed away in our home.  It was a suicide.  I was devastated and have never fully recovered, nor do I expect to.

Abrielle began our reading by saying, “There’s a friend.  A dear friend.  Male.  Tragic death.”  I began to get a little teary eyed.  Abrielle continued, “He wants you to know that he’s with your sister.  Everyday.”  It was so emotional I began to cry. Abrielle had no idea I even had a sister.  She went on, “He’s saying yellow wheels, yellow wheels.”  In 2005, my sister and I drove to New York to pick up a yellow Volkwagen Beetle that she bought for Brad, and he loved that car.

The next reading I had with Abrielle was face to face.  She didn’t remember me from our phone reading two weeks prior, and I was encouraged that she wouldn’t just regurgitate the same information.  Again, I asked her if she could use her talents as a Medium.  She asked if I was looking to speak to anyone in particular and I said ” Brad.”  And that was all I said.  She immediately felt a connection and told me, “He’s singing.  He’s singing ‘Love, love, love’.  It’s ‘Love Me Do.’  Did he like The Beatles?”

I was overcome with emotion and began to cry.  Brad was a very popular singer and a Beatles fanatic. We shared a great love of all things Beatles and for the last 15 years of his life he was the lead singer in a Beatles cover band!   Abrielle continued, “Car. . . car. . .”  I assumed that he was again referring to the yellow Beetle, but she went on.  “Car, no. . .  Carbon. . . he’s saying ‘Carbon.'” The cause of Brad’s death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

It was an amazing experience. Abrielle overwhelmed me with her accuracy.  I offered very little information to her — initially unconvinced, I didn’t want to provide all the details myself.  I was absolutely overcome with emotion and still find it difficult to find words to describe the experience.  I can only say that Abrielle’s talents as a Medium are nothing short of phenomenal.  And I thank her for allowing me to talk to my very best friend again.

5 thoughts on “Psychic Medium Wows Skeptic

  1. Kitchen

    You are true, astrology is fake sebjuct because it can not be succeed when it be tested against reality as why twins do have a different lifestyle even their date of birth and time is same and why at the time of tsunami and any natural disaster people die by the same way and at the same time and one day when world will be finished than what about the predictions which astrologers have made before the world would have been finished. Astrology is very cleverly created a long ago.

  2. Anya

    Hi Meg,

    This is Anya. We’ve spoken many times over the phone. I LOVED your article. Prior to reading these details, you had already in fact (along with Richard) convinced me to read with Abrielle. I am so happy you did. She is great.

    Your story truly touched my heart.

    Wishing you all the best!


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  4. lisaLisa

    Very interesting article but I’m confused about something!
    I was under the impression that when one takes their own life they have not learned their life lessons and will return, reincarnate, because the lessons need to be learned. So, if this is true, how does a medium communicate with this person?


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