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I find the Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill Greer so enjoyable to use because of the close perspective of its images and the richness of its colors. It was one of the first decks to be based on the traditional Rider-Waite imagery and interpretation but with updated graphics. Spread out on a table, it’s really a jewel-like mosaic, in whatever random order the cards fall.

I’ve chosen for our reading this week an interesting spread consisting of fourteen cards, plus one card as an overall signifier of the week. This signifier then goes back into the shuffle to reappear at the time of the energy’s zenith during the week we are considering. Seven cards in a straight row represent outer manifestation, events, and action, and seven more cards in a straight row below them represent deep inner motivation from the subconscious.

So, let’s begin and see what the cards have to tell us!

Signifier for this week: Page of Swords

The Page of Swords tells us to pay attention to small messages. These could be snatches of night dreams that seemingly make little sense. Impressions, phrases, feelings, and auras around people and situations should not be dismissed because they seem trivial at the moment. If they are proven false in the light of further information, fine. But they could very well be coming from our higher selves, our angels, or our guides. The purpose of the messages is not to induce fear, but to caution us in a direction that we are denying in order to bring out the most favorable result possible.

The card is telling us: This is a week to pay attention.

June 23-Sunday

Manifestation: Five of Swords

The Five of Swords suggests to us that some battles are truly unwinnable. Withdrawing from a brewing dispute with dignity and grace brings about a long-term victory. Still, if after choosing battles only when necessary, we still decide to fight, it is important to make every effort to win. The key is withdrawing and discerning the strength of our position relative to our opponent’s. Frequently, our opponent is not a person but a situation, which either can or cannot be solved under existing conditions.

The Five of Swords is saying: Don’t win a short-term confrontation if it will bring about a long-term loss.

Motivation: Ten of Coins (Pentacles)

The Ten of Coins is the summit of material prosperity. But it points to something greater- spiritual prosperity. The old man in the picture rejoices that he is comfortable but rejoices even more in the fact that he can provide for those he cherishes. Today this points to a goal that might just be worth fighting for because it serves not just a mundane but a spiritual purpose.

June 24-Monday

Manifestation: Nine of Cups

This card shows an Inn Keeper setting up nine cups of wine for his guests. He is joyful that he has many customers, but even more joyful that he is providing what will fill and refresh them. It is a happy card relating to fun and celebration. It triggers in me an image of the planet Jupiter when it’s in a state of “dignity” as it is now in the sign of Sagittarius. The generosity of the Inn Keeper returns to him three-fold and the generosity of the guests returns to them in the same proportion.

The card is telling us today, we receive by giving.

Motivation: The Empress

The Empress is a genius of nurturing. She knows just how much to “water” a seed, an idea, or a baby. She knows that patience and time is required for new life to take hold.  She also knows when to adjust her giving so that it is appropriate for the current moment. She is reminding us of this today as we give and receive.

June 25-Tuesday

Manifestation: The Sun

What was murky will become clear today. We emerge lucid and rational after a long night. The world presents itself as bright and fresh. It feels good to be alive. Rewards come in the mail. Creativity and song bring happiness. The physical landscape is bright and colorful. It is an omen of joy and success.

The Sun card is telling us today, it is time to celebrate.

Motivation: Page of Rods (Wands)

This card is about fiery child energy that loves to be amused. We are on an adventure! Outdoor activities of all kind will help this energy in us come to the surface. A trip or outdoor outing will bring out the energy of the sun through the charismatic and buoyant Page of Rods mindset.

June 26-Wednesday

Manifestation: Ten of Wands

The card is telling us today about emotional warmth, understanding, and rising above pettiness. We know how to get out of difficulties with others by seeking harmony and listening to our emotional wisdom. If there is a reunion, party, or wedding coming up, it will go well.

This card counsels some instant first aid for troubled times: remember the love that brings us together in the first place, be grateful for it, and enjoy it.

Motivation: Three of Wands

An agenda of wanting “more” in the future is not wrong in and of itself. Where it can become destructive to happiness is when we get so focused on it that we forget to enjoy what we already have, and therefore feel a constant state of lack. This could be in love and relationship areas or business, career, and achievement areas of our lives.

This card tells us the ships are coming in. Let them dock and unload before we make announcements or rush in to seize the goods. This is especially true in love today.

June 27-Thursday

Manifestation: Strength

The lemniscate, (infinity symbol,) over the woman’s head in the Strength card reminds us to keep the eternal perspective in all things. Her openhearted gentleness causes the wild lion to behave tamely and even to do her bidding. She loves the lion’s wild energy and doesn’t fear it, as it knows. Honoring our own wild nature and not chaining it up or despising it will turn it to courage and strength.

Motivation: Page of Swords

The page is fearful but is learning fortitude in the face of his fear. The overall tenor of this week may hit a crisis point today as we meet the Page of Swords card again. If gossip and contention is rampant in your environment, be “subtle as a snake and harmless as a dove”, in all forms of communication now.

June 28-Friday

Manifestation: Five of Cups

Don’t obsess over something that has been lost, either through your fault or another’s. The card shows us a picture of a young man with five cups of the wine of happiness. He has lost three cups but still has two standing which he fails to realize because he is so focused on his losses. He previously despised the three cups which are now gone in the Four of Cups, a previous image in this cycle. Now he does pay the price of that attitude and its ensuing actions. But, all is not lost!

The card is saying to us; there is no point in wallowing in remorse for past errors of judgment. Good still remains if we turn around to see it.

Motivation: King of Wands

There is a person of fire and inspiration in your life. He/She is a leader with warm, mesmerizing energy and lots of passion.  He/She infuses the space around them with life-promoting charm and charisma. The upright card speaks of the higher manifestation of this energy. This is not a vampire or a narcissist. The King of Wands gives more than he/she gets.

The card says that maybe we are this person. How can we bring out more life-sustaining fire in the lives of others today?

June 29-Saturday

Manifestation: The World

Wholeness brought about by the completion of a cycle has now manifested. The whole world feels like home and gives us all we need now. Mastery and teaching comes easily. On the literal level: We may be taking an extended trip!

The card challenges us to see how things are complete and whole wherever we are.

Motivation: Six of Cups

Make happiness in the moment by connection. Simple pleasures are best. The innocence and pleasure of the children in this card is momentary, for sure. But they are experiencing it totally in the moment, the “eternal now”.

The card asks: how can we enjoy each moment tonight?

Thanks for joining me again. I’ll see you next week!

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