Mucha Playing Cards: August 2 – 8

Mucha Playing Cards Tarot: August 2-8 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

While you’re packing that picnic to enjoy outside for lunch, remember to slip in a deck of your favorite playing cards just for fun.

Actually, Cartomancy (the reading of ordinary card decks for divination), is an ancient and venerable art-form, and one of its best features is that it won’t attract attention like Tarot cards will.

Not that attracting attention is always bad. Unless you’re like me, with a secretive twelfth house moon. But it is nice to know that you can stay undercover just in case that busybody who disapproves of the “occult” happens to stop by for a friendly chat when you’re giving yourself a reading.

One such deck that I love for this purpose is the Mucha Playing Card deck. It features original art by Alphonse Mucha, a master of the Art Nouveau style, which sprang to life in Paris in the 1890’s.

The sensual, summery images feature archetypal feminine figures representing the seasons and settings of everyday life. Everything from urban sophistication to primitive flora and fauna are featured somewhere within this deck of cards.

So, walk with me now through the streets and by-ways of fin de siècle Paris, and let’s see what the week ahead holds for you!

Let’s go this way first.

August 2 – Sunday

Jack of Hearts

A new, intimate friendship is beginning for you. This person is a true lover, and wants to be kind. There may be something a little different about him. He is away for a while, and then back with you, but is faithful. He is a little young and wild, regardless of his age, but very good-hearted. The course of this relationship may take some strange twists and turns, but it will be worth the journey. Take it easy here, and you’ll “take” this prize of a person!

August 3 – Monday

Queen of Hearts

Is this you by any chance? She shows up as a match to yesterday’s card, the Jack of Hearts. You are a loyal friend and you are someone’s special love interest, whether you are aware of it or not. Someone will reveal this to you in an unusual way. Beyond friendship, you are someone’s ideal love. It’s really a melding of the two. You’ll meander together for a while, then pop goes the proposal!

August 4 – Tuesday

Ten of Clubs

An investment of some kind will turn out lucky for you. This could be something unexpected coming your way. This is an omen for good luck. It will bring an increase of joy and happiness. You’ll be successful in something important to you. If you’re serious when you need to be you can play more later!

August 5 – Wednesday

Eight of Hearts

Good things are the destiny of the children in and around your family. Meanwhile, an established couple in your environment love and care for you more than you know.

If you’re looking at the possibility of a long-term relationship, the odds are stacked in your favor. You may find that children are coming to you for help and mentoring, or you may discover there is a new member of your own family soon.

August 6 – Thursday

Jack of Spades

If someone is continually hurting you, gently and firmly close the door and walk away. There seems to be an aura of treachery and insincerity present. This isn’t anything you have to fear if you take control and remove this person’s access to you. Don’t doubt what your intuition is telling you or second guess yourself. You will feel much freer and happier once this is decided and accomplished for good.

August 7 – Friday

Nine of Spades

Something really does need to come to an end today. This is the “death” of a limiting belief, a toxic relationship, or another situation. It will be freeing and cause a new breath of life to fill your energy system. Ask your guides and angels to help you let go. Do it now.

August 8 – Saturday

Six of Clubs

In the upright position this card corresponds with the Six of Wands, the “winning” card, in the traditional Tarot. The energy is one of victory, success, and triumph. This relates to trouncing negativity within yourself that is reflected in your environment, and winning over self-defeating choices and behaviors. The universal winds are at your back. They are moving you to better ground. There could be a literal change of location soon.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Three Fortunes Spread

What are we all concerned with, anyway? Love, money, and enlightenment, right? This spread gives us insight into all three.

It is a simple, three card spread, with each of the three cards designating the energy for one of these all-important areas.

Shuffle and concentrate on what you most need to know about your love life, your career and finances, and your spiritual progress and evolution.

When you are ready, place the cards face down on the table and ask one at a time about love in the next year ahead, then, money in the next year ahead, then about what your spiritual purpose is, and if you are fulfilling it.

Lay the cards out in a vertical line and read them top to bottom:

Card One– What will happen over the next year in the area of love for me? Who will I meet? Will my current love interest become a solid commitment? Am I with my soulmate?

Card Two– Am I in the best career for me? Does my current job leave me room to grow in my career? Will there be an increase in my income?

Card Three- What is my purpose to the planet in this lifetime? (This doesn’t have to be the same as your “job”, but your job shouldn’t interfere with, or contradict, this.) How can I perform more of my soul’s purpose in my current circumstances? How can I strategically plan changes in order to express more of my purpose over the next year?

Based on what your reading has to say to you, take it further and use a planning journal for the next year ahead, outlining your goals in each of these areas.

Remember, goals can always be changed anytime you like as events unfold. This is your life, and you get to create it anyway you want!

Thanks for joining me today! Wishing you love, light, and laughter in the week ahead.

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