Old English Tarot: September 13 – 19

Old English Tarot: September 13-19 | California Psychics

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Have you ever noticed how your psyche moves in sync with nature’s seasons? Our ancient ancestors celebrated all the seasonal passages as they watched the sun move from summer to winter and back again with clock-like regularity. We, though, tend to live in “controlled environments” on a time clock that ignores the signals the Universe offers every day.

But nature knows a better way. It sort of gives you a feeling of security, doesn’t it? It makes sense to take time to pay attention to what the earth is hinting to us. As we approach harvest time and the beginning of autumn, we think back on our work and the fruits of our labor and also muse about the “harvests of the heart”.

It is a time to gather ourselves in and do some assessment after the wild sowing of summer. In the spring, we plant our dreams and desires. Some manifest, some don’t.

Experts say that there are really three equal parts to manifestation: our vision, the Universe’s, and the Unknown. There does seem to be a much larger plan than just our own. Have you noticed? Sometimes our moods don’t match up exactly with the seasons, of course. But, as we approach the Autumn Equinox, let’s gather the harvests of the heart in together.

The Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen is the perfect tool to help us do exactly that. Its imagery is bucolic and medieval and it adheres to the classical Tarot meanings in a way that are true, but also amplifies them nicely. It also takes us back to a time before artificial light and communication devices. To a time when people relied on the signals of animals and weather to know what was appropriate to do.

Let’s enter here and see what the week holds.

September 13 – Sunday

The Sun

The card is telling us to take time today to enjoy the simple pleasures. Contentment is the theme and joy reigns today. A new friendship will be solidified or a love relationship will reach a new level of commitment. Plans work out splendidly, or if you are hanging loose, a spur of the moment thing will bring a satisfying surprise your way.

September 14 – Monday

Three of Cups

You are celebrating the resolution of a problem. Healing comes about by the company of your friends. You are comforted by something that happens unexpectedly. It is easy to see which friends are true, and those who are not. Pleasure will be shared abundantly.

September 15 – Tuesday

Wheel of Fortune

One thing we can be sure of today is that life is always changing. The wheel represents the continual ups and downs of the ride of life. Whatever “is” will be something different tomorrow. Hope and despair, birth and death are partners. The unexpected is our ally.

September 16 – Wednesday

The Empress

What does fertility and motherhood mean to you currently? This is irrespective of gender, because its essence is the nurturing archetype within us all. It will shine today. You will motivate others to succeed and give balanced advice, which is priceless.

September 17 – Thursday

Ace of Cups

Something brand new will bring you overflowing happiness. This could be a relationship, a place, an idea, or an opportunity. If some issue is consuming your attention today, this card signals that it will turn out favorably. Love and energy is returned to you, in some form that you enjoy.

September 18 – Friday

Eight of Batons (Wands)

The pace picks up. Things move forward quickly to bring you something you want. Communications increase. Something that was stagnant takes shape and moves ahead. This could be a relationship or a project important to you. Don’t stall.

September 19 – Saturday

Queen of Pentacles

You will be rewarded for fulfilling responsibilities. You are trusted, and your prosperity grows as a result. It’s okay to enjoy your luxuries because you are also generous. A woman friend may give you sound advice on a practical matter. The best of Earth sign energy prevails today.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Harvest Spread

This is a five-card spread that works splendidly at the turning point in the late summer and early fall known as “harvest.” We may not be cutting hay or bringing in fruits and vegetables to preserve for the winter like our ancestors did, but we can look back on the year which is three quarters spent, to muse and appreciate where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly while meditating on the year and when you are ready, place the deck face-down on the table. Pull five cards and arrange them in the shape of a five-pointed star. Read them in a clockwise direction, starting with the card at the ten o’clock position at the left and beneath the top point.

Card One- You, right now. What are your present dominant feelings?

Card Two- Looking back to spring, which seeds did you plant then?

Card Three- Which harvests are you celebrating? Which were expected, which were unexpected?

Card Four- Of the Fruits that you’ve harvested, which seeds will you set aside for next year to plant again in a new way?

Card Five- What will be the themes present in the fading light of autumn over the next few months for you?

(Thanks to Beth Maiden, of The Little Red Tarot)

So, the shadows are deepening and it’s time to head in. Enjoy the fruits of summer, and have a great week!

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