Secret Tarot: February 16 – 22

The Secret Tarot: February 16-22 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

A friend of mine looked at this deck and commented, “There is something like… dynamite… about the smallness of these cards.”

I kind of know what she means. They are so tiny that you can fit them in the palm of your hand and conceal them when you close your fingers.

In fact, the deck is described as “78 steps in the concealed face of life for revealing every hidden secret” by its publisher, Lo Scarabeo. More mysterious is the fact that Lo Scarabeo is an Italian occult publishing house, not an individual. The origins of these Tarot cards seem a little obscure.

The artwork is created by Marco Nizzoli, and it’s erotic, gothic, and sophisticated all at once. Yes, full of hidden power. And, these images have traveled all the way from Torino, Italy, considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!

Maybe, that’s because of the deep arcane traditions the southern Italians brought to the area during their mass migration northward in the late twentieth century. But, whatever the reason, let’s see what secrets they hold for us this week.

February 16 – Sunday

Seven of Chalices

“The mere attempt to examine my own confusion would consume volumes.” –James Agee

In this deck, a breathtaking woman sleeps on silk sheets dreaming of seven cups full of treasures. She clasps her hand on her forehead in dismay. She cannot choose the best, from so many good possibilities! Her daydreams and imagination are working against her. She entertains everything, and chooses nothing.

The card is telling us today: It’s time to make it real. Where and how in our lives can we do this today?

February 17 – Monday

Five of Chalices

“We take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick

A privileged nobleman stares sullenly at his castle and yearns for what he’s lost. The problem is that even though his losses are real, he doesn’t see the two cups of happiness behind him, brimming with things left to enjoy! He is hypnotized by his misery. It has him in tow because of his total focus on his loss.

The card is saying to us today: What are you taking for granted that would be someone else’s dream? How are we misusing the power of our minds to visualize and create?

February 18 – Tuesday

Four of Pentacles

“People who are always taking care of their health are like misers who hoard treasure that they never have spirit enough to enjoy.” -Laurence Sterne

Soberly the accountant sits at his desk, frowning at his ledger. His money, so carefully hoarded, has not brought him happiness. His room looks cold and bare and the light is grey and forbidding.

The card’s message today: What part of us have we sold too cheaply for the sake of security? Has it made us happy?

February 19 – Wednesday


“Curiosity is one of the forms of feminine bravery.” –Victor Hugo

Unlike traditional decks, where the woman pictured is closing the mouth of the lion calmly, this nude woman is riding the lion! He bares his teeth at her scarily!

The card says today: What is the ferocious lion in your life? How can you ride the energy in a way that controls and employs it to get what you desire?

February 20 – Thursday

Four of Wands

“Success is getting what you want but happiness is liking what you get.” – Jackson Brown, Jr.

A fiery redhead unleashes her primal nature in an outdoor dance through a wooded area alone. She is enjoying her wealth, and oddly, it has nothing to do with material riches. Her riches are her health, her vitality, and the autumn day blazing with bright leaves. She is, in fact, barefoot, but enjoys her dance through the grass in a way that no purchased shoe could provide!

The card is saying to us today: What is real wealth for you? How can you enjoy what you have more right now?

February 21 – Friday

Three of Swords

“Sadness flies away on the wings of time.” – Jean de La Fontaine

Heartbreak has overcome a knight, seated on his horse. He stands in snow and ice. He is so bleak and desolate! His efforts and courage have brought him nothing. He broods alone in the gloom.

Can we make it okay to feel sad? Can we admit when our heart is broken? Can we drop the façade sometimes and grieve fully?

This card’s message is: it will lead to new and happier things if we allow ourselves the full range of emotion.

February 22 – Saturday

Three of Chalices

“The bird a nest… the spider a web… man friendship.” – Blake

Three men toast each other in a public house. Their dress and demeanor show that they are patrician. They are enjoying a celebration of an accomplishment they have achieved together. They embody the common thread running through all humans, the desire to share joy!

What can we celebrate today with others? The card is saying that something is there if we look deep enough.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Dual Pathway

This spread looks at two possible futures for any issue or relationship where a choice has to be made. Shuffle the deck well and lay the cards face down on the table in a V shape.

Take a deep breath and concentrate on your choices in this matter. While doing this, pull ten cards randomly from the deck and arrange them as follows:

Card one: bottom/middle position on the table. What is the decision you are faced with?

Card two: angled upward from Card 1, to the left. What would the first choice look like should you make it?

Card three: angled upward from Card 2, left. What are your reasons for wanting to choose it?

Card four: angled upward from Card 3, left. What are the obstacles facing you if you choose it?

Card five: in the top left position of the “V”. What would the outcome be like with this choice?

Now, for your second choice:

Card six: angled upward from Card 1, this time to the right. What would the second choice look like should you make it?

Card seven: angled upward from Card 6, right. What would be your reasons for considering the second pathway?

Card eight: angled right above Card 7. What are the obstacles that will face you if you take it?

Card nine: angled right, forming the right top side of the “V”. What would be the outcome if I made this choice?

Card Ten: in the middle of the “V”, above card one. What is most important to me emotionally in this issue? What ingredient would make my heart the happiest?

“Homework” assignment: (Optional)

Conceal this deck in the palm of your hand, walk into your local coffee shop and meet a friend who has a choice to make. Help them get their answer by doing a Dual Pathway spread for them.

Thanks for joining me. See you later!

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