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Guidance On Change Tarot Spread | California Psychics

Rolling with the Unexpected

Perhaps you, like me, started last year with a vision board, or at least a vision about what you wanted the year to include. And I’m guessing that like me, you looked at it before the turn of the recent New Year and collapsed on the floor laughing!

No doubt, for the most part, other events actually took place. And occasionally, better things than you placed on your board perhaps replaced them?

While it is a proven fact that Creative Visualization usually works wonderfully, there are times when even our best intentions seem to be subject to change by forces we can’t control. So, what do we do to make changes when absolutely everything seems out of our control?

Here are four ways to do it:

How to Navigate Change

  1. Stay positive- Venting is sometimes important, and it makes us feel better up to a point. But, when we take it beyond its boundaries, it becomes chronic whining and griping and does us absolutely no good. So, to frame what happens in as positive a light as possible is going to really help us move toward a solution.
  2. Get creative- We all love this idea, but it usually means we have to change something, usually ourselves. Brainstorming possible solutions, and at the same time realizing that most will end up on the floor, is a great idea. It helps us think outside our usual mental grid.
  3. Learn from it- A real advantage of being out of control is to see what is and what isn’t totally essential to our happiness. This makes “keeping” and “cutting” pretty simple!
  4. Change what you can- We float around in a universal stew, so there are lots of things we can’t change. Usually, we’re only open to change when things have become either limiting or truly painful. But we can almost always change ourselves in some ways that will bring about more joy, freedom, and peace of mind for us.

Control: What is it, and Why do We Want it?

For the most part, being in control makes us feel safe and happy. It gives us more choices and more satisfaction. In fact, planning, visualizing, and creating lists are really good ways to employ Conscious Creation. So, control is not a bad thing at all. It just has to stay in its place.

An Example

We have no immediate control over earthquakes, floods, pandemics, or hurricanes. What we can fight for is long-term protections for the environment, which lessens climate change. We can control how we use our energy, time, and resources to promote the safety and survival of all species.

We can also choose to go for the “highest spiritual thought” about every situation. And here’s one of the best ways to see what that is.

The Guidance on Change Tarot Spread

Happily, we can always look to the Tarot for insight!

This is a five-card spread that provides insight on how to achieve changes we would like to see. Shuffle, as usual, reflecting on the change you are thinking about. Place the cards face down, and draw five cards randomly from the deck. The spread is laid out in crisscross shape, with card one in the center, card two at the bottom, card three at the top, card four to the left, and card five to the right.

Here’s a sample reading:

Card One: Action to Take During Change: The Magician

This card tells you to think it through thoroughly. Narrow it down to what is really important to your body, mind, and spirit and those of your family and friends. Remember to give yourself a break here. No one draws you a map for every change you want to make, so be nice to yourself!

Card Two: Where to Find Support: Ace of Wands

Find some action-oriented people and learn what they know. Support is everywhere it seems, once we’re really willing to accept it. The information is at our fingertips once we’re willing to see it. Until we really need it, we often don’t realize how much support is out there.

Card Three: Seek Advice from Higher Guidance: High Priestess

Spiritually based leaders and communities can really help but choose carefully. Ask your Higher Power, higher-self, angels, guides, and ancestors for their insight and encouragement. Meditate, or sit in silence every day to receive their answers. Wise friends and colleagues help, too!

Card Four: What You Will Need to Release: Five of Wands

Let go of petty competition and cooperate like never before. It’s a good time to work on generosity and giving others the benefit of the doubt. Pull together and everything will get easier.

Card Five: What You Will Gain: Ten of Pentacles

Security, longevity, and close relationships: who doesn’t want all of that? This card says we can attain them after all. Look at long-term goals, if the short-term ones just can’t be managed right now. This card promises it will be worth it!

Embrace the Change

The world we’re currently living in is one of the contradictions: one where nothing seems to change from day to day, and at the same time, everything seems to change all at once. And while we have very little control over a great deal of it, there’s little point in fighting the tide, for change will come. When you feel lost under the weight of it all, and need help and guidance with what you can control, feel free to ask the Tarot or your Guides, and they will have an answer for you.

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