A Tarot Spread to Combat Writer’s Block

A Tarot Spread to Combat Writer's Block | California Psychics

An Epic Case of Writer’s Block

Your ideas are flowing freely and the words seem to jump onto the page faster than you can type them. Suddenly, the phone rings, and it’s your sister in a neighboring state. She needs immediate advice on a large range of life-shattering problems. You trip over the power cord in your exasperation, the screen goes black, and you lose at least half of what you’ve previously written.

That doesn’t matter because it wasn’t what you really wanted to say anyway, so you restart your system, tell her you’ll call her back, and pull up a fresh, blank page.

Just then, the forgotten tea water that you put on the burner has evaporated into steam, and the smell of the burner still on a high setting alerts you that you have to run to the kitchen NOW!

Meanwhile, your cat has knocked over the freshly watered plant on the window sill, and your keyboard is drenched with dirt, miracle grow, and sowbugs.

You pry apart the kettle from the searing, hot burner, make sure everything is safely turned off, and go back to your desk to resume your writing.

The blank white page is glaring back at you as if to say “I dare you to try,” and the sickening swirl of font choices, paragraph alignments, color schemes, scissor images, and clipboard icons at the top of the page seem to taunt you in their trivial, complicated, and aggravating prevalence.

You have just become the latest fallen hero among the minions who have succumbed to the deadly writer’s block. Unheroically, you lay face down on the desk and…scream?

When it All Seems Hopeless: Tarot to the Rescue

This is a four-card Tarot spread that addresses the writer’s deepest phobia, “What if there is nothing for me to say?”

Shuffle the deck in the usual way, then lay four cards face down, left to write (whoops, I meant right), on the table in front of you.

An Example

Card 1- What do I most need to remember about my vocation as a writer?

The High Priestess

Tap into the deep wells of connection with the collective consciousness. There are more than enough ideas waiting for you to explore. Do some journaling about what you find there. Take and develop the thoughts that resonate with you on the deepest levels, and begin to work with them.

Your guides are active participants in this process, not to mention the configurations of clouds outside your window, random noises from the highway, and what you’re considering having for lunch later. It’s all part of your final piece.

Card 2- How does my creative self need to be nurtured right now?

The Sun

Your physical vitality is a key component of your most potent ideas. Take a walk, let nature, the earth, and, yes, the actual sun, work its magic on your body and mind. Be around giving, high-energy friends today. Avoid the vampires, for now, at least. Watch or read something that makes you laugh.

Card 3- What steps can I take to protect my work environment?

The Emperor

It’s sometimes necessary to set strict boundaries on your time and attention. Don’t answer your phone or text messages unless they are urgent. Shut the door to your workspace and request that unless the building catches on fire or there is substantial seismic activity taking place, intruders stay out. Give your nurturing self a rest, and be focused.

Card 4- Which cards can I pull as writing prompts?

The Magician

Place the Magician card face up in the middle of the floor. Surrounding it, mess up your deck by dropping the rest of the deck on the floor any way you want, and pick them up in any order that you feel like. Turn them over one by one, in the order that you’re led, and listen to the messages that they contain.

Now, you will see themes you can develop in single cards, double cards, or cards that present themselves in groups. Write down what occurs to you without censoring. You can edit this later. For now, start free-associating and just let it flow.

A Few More Techniques

Use a Minor Arcana scene to point you toward the source of the block.

For Example

Seven of Swords- Is exhaustion “stealing” your ideas? What can you do about this? Maybe, it’s time to take 30 minutes out of your schedule and do something fun.

Two of Wands (reversed)- Is a lover or friend from the past pulling on your consciousness, and taking up space in your energy field? Maybe, it’s time to cut the cords?

King of Swords (reversed)- Is someone else’s unconstructive criticism choking your output? Is it time for them to take a walk?

Six of Wands- You’re in the eye of the storm. Persevere through doubt, uncertainty, and interruptions, and you will win. This card’s message is, “Don’t give up too soon.”

Ask a Major Arcana Archetype to Mentor you

There are plenty of answers to be found by pulling a single card from the Major Arcana. Each card stands as an archetype, which means they can also stand in as mentor figures for us if we need them. Here are a few examples:

The Hermit

The Hermit really understands the uses of seclusion and concentration. What can we learn from him? His being alone is not sad; he enjoys the silence and freedom he experiences in his cave. Could it be time to get ourselves a “cave” and go there whenever necessary? Caves can be a special corner of your neighborhood, a favorite soap opera or comedy, or a spot on your sofa.

The Chariot

It’s very important to blend the conscious and subconscious minds to produce creativity. Have you really thought about your dreams lately? They are a treasure trove of imagery and symbolism. The charioteer’s two horses represent those two levels of the mind, and the chariot he drives is his concentration and will that move them both forward.

The Star

Inspiration may come from an unexpected source. Be in sync with your real desires and let your time management flow from there. Make space for the unexpected to occur and feed your creativity. When you start to write, guard the process jealously. This card promises that the result will be bright and full of energy!

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