Tarot Spread for Emotional Honesty

Tarot Spread for Emotional Honesty | California Psychics

When Strong Emotions Lie

Do you ever feel that your emotions are like the tangled-up branches of a tree or shrub? Moment by moment they seem to shift with the wind. They lead you this direction, then that direction, circling back to drift yet another direction. Upwards or downwards, sometimes right back to where you started?

We think things must be simpler than they look. But the knot in our stomachs and the lump in our throats keep us gripping the problem instead of the solution.

This Tarot spread is for when the simple truth is evading us like an always morphing candle flame. We catch a glimpse of a solution and then it disappears like a mirage on asphalt.

So, when you laugh and cry simultaneously, you’re exhausted, you’re restless, and you simply can’t sleep longer than a few seconds, remember the famous and wise words of Coco Chanel. “Lie if you must, but never in detail, and never to yourself.”

The Price of Honesty

Sounds simple enough, but why is being honest about what we feel so hard for all of us sometimes? It seems that it goes back to childhood, or even further back, to former lifetimes. Telling the truth at the “wrong” time could cost someone rejection and protection from their tribe. In some cases, it could even cost them their life, or something else drastically important to them. We enter the world dependent and soon learn the price of bucking the system and going against the grain.

As adults, we have more freedom, but still want to be accepted, liked, and respected. We might even say that we don’t care what other people think of us. But it’s truly hard to function without social support. And, of course, there can be economic consequences. For example, is it really a great idea to make the boss really mad?

The Emotional Honesty Tarot Spread

For context, here’s an example relating to relationships and love.

My client, Roger, loved a man named Michael, who was with a pre-existing partner. Michael loved Roger as much as Roger loved him. The things which kept Michael from being with Roger completely were his three sons aged 18, 14, and 9. He knew they would react, initially, with lots of anger and grief if he left his current partner. Yet he knew, also, that in an intense, soul-filled situation, what was truly best for one would be best for all involved.

Roger knew that he was technically free to date absolutely anyone, but his heart was filled with love for Michael, and reading his energy centers, I saw that his energy field was “occupied” by Michael alone. Yet, he knew that many years had gone by since he became involved with Michael, and still Michael stayed inside his family unit for reasons they both understood. We decided to cast this spread to get the Universe’s input on what emotional and outward actions would bring about the highest spiritual good for all involved. We did a joint spread for Roger and Michael, as decision and action would need to be taken by both of them.

The Layout

This is a five-card spread, laid out at the points of a pentacle, or star. Focus on bringing forward all the emotional honesty within, as you shuffle the cards in the usual way, draw five cards randomly, and put them face down on the table. Slowly, turn them over face up, and arrange them left to right with the outcome card (fifth card) at the star’s uppermost point.

Roger and Michael’s Reading

Card One- When it comes to my emotions, I really need to…

The Magician – Trust my spiritual side and my rational mind. I do know the answer to this dilemma.

Roger needed to acknowledge himself for his right intentions in the situation and let his intuitive knowledge guide him in which steps to take going forward.

Card Two- I know that I am strongest when…

The Hermit – I retreat to someplace quiet and listen to my own soul.

Roger was nurtured by nature and solitude but seldom took time for it. He decided to go on wilderness breaks throughout the year. He was rewarded with an increase in clarity and peace. He was able to see things he couldn’t see while enmeshed in his daily routine and environment.

Card Three- I know that I am weakest when…

Seven of Swords – I hide the truth from myself.

Michael had a very busy and successful business and saw that he sometimes hid in his work and over-activity. He knew this was a coping mechanism that worked for the moment, but also kept things in a state of suspension. He knew this worked against his ability to acknowledge the truth of his feelings.

Card Four- I am so afraid that…

Ace of Wands (reversed) – What if we risk it all, then crash and burn?

Michael knew that if nothing was done, then nothing was really risked. The problem is that the indecision had begun to erode his emotional serenity.

Card Five- I am ready to…

The Fool – Let my Higher Self lead wherever it wants me to go.

Since a decision had already been made years earlier to allow the chemistry between them to develop into a relationship, and later, into falling in love, the only solution the two of them felt that they could honestly choose now was, to be honest, and totally together. They decided to share this with Michael’s family. The Fool card, which means the “foolishness which is wiser than earthly wisdom,” is a card from the Major Arcana which symbolizes a state of high spontaneity and being in sync with intuitive guidance. It shows that someone hears the voice of their destiny and reaches out to follow the path. Roger and Michael called D-Day (Decision Day) and went forward with their plans to be together permanently.

Always Worth It

Taking the path of emotional honesty isn’t always easy and can sometimes be painful. While the price may be a high one for some, in the end, being honest with yourself is always worth it. The inability to live your inner truth, or to even fully acknowledge it to yourself, can be far worse than whatever you lose on your path to full emotional honesty. Remember, you are the only person you will live with your whole life. If you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with?

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