This Week in Tarot: August 13 – 19

The Power of Tarot

The heart wants what the heart wants! With love heating up or cooling down, there are decisions and options that require attention. Making love work is not for the weak, and breaking up can certainly be just as hard. Therefore, The Psychic Heart Tarot will be the muse we use this week to figure out where love, the greatest force in the universe, will direct our thinking and heartfelt feelings. It’s a great week to keep your psychic on speed dial!

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DAY – RELEASE. Keywords: Discard, shed, end, transformation, freedom, and empowerment. This is the perfect time for renewal of an old relationship. However, holding on too tight can cause discomfort to your partner, so this time around don’t become too attached. Be two individuals who make up a relationship. Let freedom ring with trust and confidence. EVENING – OPEN UP. Keywords: Withdrawal, blocks, control, and release. Yes, it’s hard to forgive and forget the hard times of the past. However, tonight is a wonderful time to talk about the plans for the future. Getting back together requires open, honest communication. This certainly can be hard for you, so here is an idea: Write what you want to say and practice saying it in front of the mirror. Bring tissues and get the crying out of the way before you actually have the discussion. In the end, you will kiss and make up.


DAY – CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES. Keywords: Conviction, resistance, defense, and evaluate. In life, there are times when we come up against obstacles. Therefore, being aware of the big picture is very important. Battles can be like trying to swat a fly and you keep missing. However, if you just leave the fly alone it will go away at some point making you free from its troublesome energy. Today, it’s important to be mindful of your words. Just keep it simple and easy, because there is no need to draw swords. EVENING – HEALING BEGINS. Keywords: Release, heal, assistance, and hope. Your spirit guides are working late tonight, and there is a protective vibration that you’re able to settle into. Your best gets better as you become one with your inner self.


DAY – FEELING ALONE. Keywords: Lack, abandoned, insecurity, and support. Although your dreams seem unreachable and support is lacking at this time, you have the confidence within to keep you head held high. There are few moments when you can do as you please, and this is certainly one of them. EVENING – GIVING & RECEIVING. Keywords: Balance, reward, share, and ask. However off balance your relationship might be, now is the time to work a little harder to bring that equilibrium and stability to the forefront. Certainly, if you give a little you will get a little back. Remember it is not the quantity but the quality.


DAY – BALANCE. Keywords: Renew, acknowledge, compromise, equality, harmony, and healing. Giving more than you get can throw you off balance when it comes to love. However, if you are giving from your heart and it makes you feel good to do so, that is certainly a balance of your inner workings. In life, there will be times when you get your needs met and other times when you help those you love meet their needs. This is called balance. EVENING – SHINE. Keywords: Believe, realize, harness, enthusiasm, potential, and breakthrough. All around you powerful energy draws your relationship closer. With greater love and understanding the partnership will glow. However, if you want to get things done, use the wonderful tool of visualization. The power of this tool will help to infuse your energy with your lover.


DAY – TAKE THE LEAD. Keywords: Enthusiasm, initiative, grounding, and creativity. Someone at work has been keeping an eye on you, so if you are interested, take the lead. Keep it simple and just say hello. This will certainly get the ball rolling. EVENING – REFUSING TO SEE. Keywords: Assess, decide, impasse, and honesty. Truth, clarity, and the process of decision making is what you are dealing with tonight. If you are floating along just to be in a relationship, one day a parting of ways will manifest. Is status quo good enough for you? Emotional impasses can be tricky, so look deeply into your heart.


DAY – BLOSSOM. Keywords: Awaken, transform, stretch, possibilities, direction, and growth. You started with a seed, and it turned into a flower. It bloomed to perfection, then wilted on the vine. How do you bring this beautiful energy back to life? Examine your cycles with your partner and you both will certainly figure out how to keep the love alive. Most importantly, trust is a big factor. EVENING – SEEK THE TRUTH. Keywords: Intuition, question, deception, and inequity. Using your psychic sense will guide you to the truth. It will be hard to let go of those who were once loyal companions. However, it will clear the negative energy and give you a fresh start.


DAY – LOVE ABOUNDS. Keywords: Trust, optimism, open, and radiate. Potential is the word of the day. This card comes to you today to tell you that your love path is right on track. Therefore, shed no doubt on yourself while keeping an open mind in order to forgive. Friendships also grow from this moment forward. EVENING – SHARE THE LOVE. Keywords: Friendship, celebration, rejoice, and community. The door to peace of mind is wide open, so let go of anxiety and stress, and totally detach from negative people, thoughts, and situations. Today is a day to share friendship in a way that will bring about compassion and love.

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    Hi Marqaux,
    Of course you stand a chance… a little shift in your thinking might help to feel more confident.

  2. Margaux

    I think I’ve made a wrong move in conquering a heart. Does it really affect my progress? We are both Cancers and I can tell that he’s got me as just one of so many other girls chasing him. Do I really stand a chance here?


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