Mercury Retrograde: Embrace the Do-Over!

Redo, Review, and Repair

Poor retrograde Mercury gets such a bad rap. He’s the planetary fall guy for everything from missing your train to spilling ice cream all over your favorite blouse to just having a lousy day. First, let’s clear up a few misconceptions about Mercury and where its power lies.

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Mercury rules the mind and how you think. It also rules communication and thus all forms of messaging—calls, snail mail, email, and texts. It rules deliveries and transportation. And it rules buying and selling. When Mercury is in retrograde (three times per year), you may experience delays and minor mishaps in the aforementioned areas that are governed by Mercury, but it isn’t responsible for everything that goes wrong. And it isn’t the thrice yearly downer that popular culture has made it out to be.

Go Deep and Anchor the Gifts

With all planets, retrograde phases are an invitation to go deeper and to anchor the gifts and lessons that the planet in question brought into your life during its apparent forward-motion phase. (Planets don’t really go backward or retrograde. It only appears that way from Earth.) So with checks getting lost in the mail, deliveries ending up at the wrong address, and people not saying what they mean or meaning what they say, what’s so great about Mercury in retrograde? Mercury retrograde gifts you with three chances every year to review, redo, and repair.

Uncover the Kinks

Mercury’s upcoming retrograde will spend most of its time in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo, making it especially potent. Virgo represents order, efficiency, and a drive for perfection. From August 12 to September 5, Mercury retrograde will provide you with the gift of the do-over. Therefore, this is your chance to uncover the kinks in your plans and to rework them to maximum efficiency. So what should you review, redo, and repair during this phase?


Review your diet and exercise routines. It’s a great time to revive an old plan that you abandoned, however, it’s not the time to start something new. Getting organized and cleaning up clutter at work will also improve productivity.


Get back to an old hobby or activity that you used to enjoy. Also, someone whom you previously dated may pop back into the picture. Can you get it right this time? You know yourself better, and you know what works for you and what doesn’t.


Call or email that relative or childhood pal whom you haven’t spoken to in ages and reconnect. Complete repairs and other household projects that you started but never managed to finish. Your fresh insight will help you get it right.


Finish that book you’ve meaning to get back to. Edit important writing projects and documents. Respond to important emails and clear out your inbox. Carefully consider your words before telling people what you think.


Review your finances, balance your checkbook, and determine exactly where things stand. Return purchases that proved to be a source of regret. Sell any useful items that you no longer use and put a few extra pennies in your pocket.


Ask yourself questions about who you are and what you are doing with your life, during Mercury retrograde. Self-inquiry unlocks greater understanding and clarity. What you uncover can help you to move things forward when your ruler’s retrograde phase is done.


Get back to that meditation, dream work or contemplative practice that you started but gave up on. Going back to therapy could be a big help too. Resume any activities that you were previously engaged in that promote peace of mind.


You know that longtime friend whom you’ve been meaning to reconnect with? Make the call! If this person meant a lot to you in the past, he or she will mean even more when you pick up where you left off.


Revisit an important conversation with your boss or resume a career goal during Mercury retrograde. The time may not have been right before to get what you wanted. Or you might not have been ready. You have a different understanding of matters now, so give it a go.


Take a refresher course that can help renew your knowledge on important subjects and help to strengthen your skill set. Staying at the top of your game may involve getting reacquainted with something you have forgotten.


Review the terms and agreements of debt and shared resources. Make sure that you and your mate are on the same page with money. Call your credit card companies and ask for a lower interest rate on your existing accounts.


Work through unresolved issues with your mate, a close colleague or an important client, during Mercury retrograde. Yes, you are revisiting the past, but now you have a different perspective on the matter than you had before.

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