This Week in Tarot: July 9 – 15

The Power of Tarot

My bookcase includes many books dating back to the sixties. I found a few books to share that interpret the Tarot in ways I’ve never shared with you. So, hold onto your hats and get ready for some interesting information that will help guide you through the week!

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I’ll be using the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck, first published in 1910. The spread I’ll be using is the Magic Seven Spread. It’s from a book that was published in 1969! As always, there will be two cards per day (one for the daytime and one for the nighttime), and each placement has a meaning, so keep that in mind as you apply the cards to your life.


The past of the matter which caused the present condition.

DAY – KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. In the past, a few opportunities were put before you, but after careful consideration, you didn’t take them. Being too cautious brought about a slow-moving energy and the ideas and goals did not make it off the drawing board. EVENING – ACE OF PENTACLES. Now that the opportunities are behind you, business and financial issues have to be dealt with on a budget. Rewards do come your way, once you learn not to second-guess yourself.


The present, caused by the past as indicated by Sunday’s cards.

DAY –TWO OF PENTACLES. You’re juggling as fast as you can, and all the work and actives on your plate cause you to make decisions. Money is the main issue, and your wisdom will come to aid you at this confusing time. Once you commit you will feel satisfied and all will be in order. EVENING –THE HIGH PRIESTESS. There is a question, but the answer is not yet available. It is a mystical vibration like Spirit is keeping a secret. The reflection of your inner self brings a deeply profound answer to light.


The immediate future, which is brought about by combined past and present conditions.

DAY – EIGHT OF SWORDS. Negative thinking is making a mess in your life. However, eight is a beautiful number, showing different directions in which you can travel. Yet the swords are sharp and if you do not think things through mindfully, the positive energy that will release you will take longer to present itself. EVENING – ACE OF SWORDS. Tonight is a time to open up and communicate. Although it might hurt to hear what a loved one has to say, it is certainly better to hear it. Therefore, speak your mind and move on from the issues. There is also a problem with compulsive behavior, so be aware of it. Just know that the ability to make the right decision is in the palm of your hand.


This card shows the type of vibration that the querent must learn to handle in order to control the situation. It also represents those who favor a beneficial outcome of the matter and are able to help through their initiative and effort.

DAY – KNIGHT OF CUPS. What a perfect day to get this card—romance is the key to the cups. Very simply, this card is showing that if you follow your heart you cannot go wrong. EVENING – TWO OF CUPS. Finally, unconditional love sets the tone for tonight. The efforts come back around, and karma says love is here to stay as the bonding on a spiritual, emotional and mental level hit an all time high. Love with all your heart; it is an ongoing circle.


The effect of the surrounding environment on the matter.

DAY –  KNIGHT OF SWORDS. “Slow down, you move too fast. You’ve got to make the morning last.” Confident and courageous, you are certainly feeling your oats today. Being in the process of getting to your destination should be as joyful as arriving. EVENING – SIX OF WANDS. Are you feeling groovy? Well, you’ve certainly earned the right to be happy! This is a card of victory. Those who care about you and have supported your efforts now consider you a winner. Leading is your gift and you do so successfully.


Opposing forces.

DAY – NINE OF WANDS. This is the plan B card. Your old accomplishments are a done deal. However, those stuck and confusing feelings are the opposing forces at this moment. Keep moving! That way you allow for success to show itself. EVENING – TEN OF WANDS. Being on overload is the force that is holding you back or slowing your down. So many obligations block your sight. Lighten the load and you will be able to see beyond, exposing opportunities.


Results of the question brought about by the way the individual has reacted to the influences symbolized by the previous 12 cards.

DAY – SIX OF PENTACLES. What a great card to start the weekend! There is money coming. For all the hard work on more than one level, you have made it to your goal. Just be open to receive. From unexpected sources, you will also be gifted with wealth. EVENING –THE MAGICIAN. As the evening wears down, you certainly see how busy your week was. You discovered new talents. Just have patience. You can create what you want. Enjoy the weekend by using your creative skills and sharing your wealth of knowledge.

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