Your Buck Moon Horoscope

Setting the Stage for Transforming Your Life

The Buck Moon on the evening of July 8/9 is the last full moon before the lunar and solar eclipses on August 7 and August 21. It’s time to prepare for this amazing event that will be visible across the U.S. on August 21. It sets the stage for the powerful opportunities to come.

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Antlers and Protecting

The Buck Moon got its name from the period when deer, moose, etc. have the greatest antler growth. This image and astrological aspects today offer energy to this moon. It works beautifully when it’s about protecting the vulnerable, and it needs to be directed this way.

The Thunder Moon

This July full moon is also known as the Thunder Moon (Native American), happening under the strongest maternal sign, Cancer. It’s not about anything soft and simple. This is about taking a fierce approach to your creative/positive efforts, career and love life in a way that leaves no questions unanswered. You are there to protect everything you love, and you’re committing to the future of everything you love.

The Pearl

This moon (like the sign of Cancer) is associated with the pearl. There is nothing more beautiful, and it arises from an irritant. The message here is to take your pain and turn it into something lovely that you’ve always desired—a relationship, an art form, or career ideals.

Dream Work and Divination

Water animals rule at this time, yet the young buck is in charge as well. Emotions are powerful. The lunar and solar eclipses that follow open the windows and doors to a life you hadn’t imagined. Dream work and divination have a new effectiveness—if you’re ready to take loving action. Here is your Buck Moon horoscope!


This full moon asks you to mix heartfelt responsibility with powerful courage for success. Changes are ferocious and fast, yet you stay grounded by remembering what and who you love. Direct your actions with consideration to your core values to build your future. Just don’t overdo it, and be sure to take care of yourself as well.


Using your business sense and negotiating prowess serves you well during this Buck Moon. Be firm in your communications while you also consider the other person’s needs and deep-seated vulnerabilities. You find your spiritual and emotional center by looking deep within before acting.


Be creative in both your artistic and romantic life to lay your foundation for upcoming opportunities. Relationships benefit you in your plan for the future, so listen carefully to others. In fact, your love life and joy can expand nicely at this time. Just don’t forget your commitments.


You have intense energy during the Buck Moon with the Sun in your sign, yet your partner’s neediness demands much of your time and attention. Balance the pull between your desire and another’s wants by assessing things quickly through your intuitive/sensitive side and your spiritual beliefs.


Careful communication is the key to building your future. You’re feeling confident and bold, yet you need to explain to people how your vision of the future serves them and everyone else. Make your creative approach to leadership real by sharing your deepest passions.


You feel powerful and intense in all of your efforts. If you want to conceive a child or seek an ideal, this could be an amazing time. Partners and friends may be feeling romantic or confused. Therefore, you should listen to their genuine desires and allow them to really go into their depths. You’ll certainly benefit in a loving way.


Demands at work and at home fill your time, but you feel up to the challenges. Your talent with charming words serves you well to build your future. Conserve your energy and direct your optimism toward the future with powerful statements.


Your intensity at this time combines potent communications with your highest ideals. The mystical can become real in both your creative efforts and compensation for your work. If you focus on soulful efforts during the Buck Moon, you’ll benefit throughout this period.


You’ve been building a new life for a few years now, and this time expands your innovative efforts along with your more serious experiences recently. Travel appeals to you at this time along with other educational pursuits. Be alert to financial issues as there will be challenging surprises with great opportunities.


The Buck Moon is a truly powerful event for you, as the moon is in your sign with Pluto. This means that partners may behave in a forceful manner when you’d rather delve quietly into your soul. However, you should listen to what they’re saying and doing and let them express themselves to help the situation.


There’s a lot going on in your work life. Also, attend to health issues carefully, and you’ll enjoy personal benefits. Travel and educational opportunities can arise and be enjoyable. Your way with words works well for you in creative efforts and with networking.


Creative and social efforts are exciting. You can feel the loving, beautiful energy, however, you’re sensitive to people who may be angry and misguided. Use your wisdom to calm them, whether you do it with words or with your artistic efforts.

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