Your Weekly Tarot Reading May 20 – 26

Your Weekly Tarot Reading May 20 - 26

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This is a calmer week than many we have experienced recently. We return to the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Doreen explains, “The messages are all positive and geared toward helping you wear your invisible crown, build your self-esteem, and fulfill your life purpose.” So let’s tune in to the fairy’s messages for your weekly tarot reading.

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Day (Ace of Autumn): I have wonderful news! A windfall of unexpected resources arrives to help you pursue your dreams! The fairies are trustworthy manifesters, and they’re bringing you a gift. This gift may take various forms—money, advice, help or someone who can introduce you to very influential people. Use your resources wisely and make a financial plan for success.

Evening (Eight of Summer): This card represents a decision to leave a situation that’s no longer in your highest good. You’ve made this choice on your own and you can take small steps every day until the changes you desire are in place. Or you can move much more quickly! You don’t have to worry because you’re ready. The fairy has packed up her belongings and has chosen a new path for herself and a beautiful dawn awaits her!


Day (#10 The Wheel): Delays are over, and it’s time to get moving again, according to your weekly tarot reading. The fairies are setting the stage for a magical time that will allow you to make some hoped-for changes. However, your sudden movement forward may bring with it the need to do a little more research. Just seek out answers to unanswered questions. A fairy sits at a spinning wheel, creating beautiful strands of gold, and the wheel creates waves of golden hair for the fairy. This is a symbol of the prosperity to come.

Evening (King of Spring): An inspiring leader, the King of Spring is charismatic and bold, with a flair for the dramatic too. He is probably a leader in his chosen industry. This king is innovative and motivational, and he can lead people to do great things. His warm nature makes him very approachable and he is ready to take action. The king’s throne is adorned with a golden lion to show courage and there is a pair of beehives, indicating his diligence.


Day (Four of Autumn): Comparing yourself to others can create confusion, and you may not be seeing things as they truly are. For instance, you might feel as though you don’t have enough when really you’re more blessed than you realize. Manage your resources wisely. Are you spending too freely? Are you holding on to each dollar so tightly that there’s no joy in it for you? A fairy of abundant gifts looks into a mirror but sees only lack. Therefore, her viewpoint of the situation is skewed by her fear.

Evening (Nine of Summer): This evening is a very magical time and this is the card of wishes coming true. Therefore, allow your heart to be filled with childlike wonder and awe. Picture what it is you desire, and then make a wish! Allow life to be playful! Enjoy the simple things and spend time with friends or family in lighthearted and uplifting activities. Enjoy. A fairy godmother gifts a young maiden with her fondest wishes come true!


Day (#17 The Star): Now is the time to believe! Challenges fade away as the joy that comes from true faith lights your way like a clear starry sky. Therefore, you can look to the future with hope and optimism. That’s because God, the angels, and the fairies can help you manifest whatever you need in order to move toward a happy life or career. A fairy is opening the chalice well and releasing ancient healing and manifestation energy for you.

Evening (Three of Spring): You’ve accomplished much, and now that hard work is paying off! While you wait for your rewards to be delivered, this is certainly a good time to take a moment and ponder your next step. It’s important to have the patience right now while your dreams continue to blossom. The fairy holds branches of the holy hawthorn of Glastonbury, which is overflowing with blooms from the divine tree planted by Joseph of Arimathea in the ace of spring.


Day (Ace of Winter): Today, don’t be deterred by challenges along the way. You’re on the right path, and your plans are protected and safe. Just trust that the new ideas you have at this time are inspired and worthy of your time and energy. You’re crystal clear on what to do, even if you’re doubting yourself. Just have confidence in your own insights. This young fairy has great magic in her hands, but also the power of pure crystalline thought floating above her head.

Evening (Two of Winter): Tonight is the time to take action! Indecision has previously held you back, but this is certainly the moment to trust yourself and move forward. Decision-making can sometimes be challenging, however, your intuition will guide you to the perfect choice. It may be necessary to compromise with others in order to move forward. A little fairy boy has a difficult choice: Both instruments make music, but which would truly bring forth the song inside his heart?


Day (Seven of Winter): Review your current plans to see if changes may be necessary. As time passes, the reason for disappointments becomes clear, providing you with even better opportunities than you previously imagined! Ask God, the angels, and the fairies to show you who does or doesn’t have integrity. Sadly, there are people who hide their real intentions. The fairy on the card is clearly trying to move quickly away from a situation. There is ice everywhere, but she has the liquid water.

Evening (#3 The Empress): The planning phase of your endeavor is now over. Congratulations! You’ve done excellent work sorting out what you are trying to accomplish and what you need in order to be a success. Try to add artistic flair to each step of the way. Infuse your tasks with joy also. Our Empress stands in a chapel courtyard, symbolic of the source of inspiration. Therefore, it’s important to create something new.


Day (Queen of Spring): The Queen of Spring is truly amazing. She can write up a marketing plan at work, throw a birthday party for 30 kids, volunteer at the local animal shelter, and somehow make it home in time to dress up for that formal event that’s so important to her spouse. She can also be a fierce competitor, an independent and strong leader, and she likes to have things her way. The Queen sits on her throne, carefully contemplating her next step. Her red dress indicates that she is very passionate about her plans, and will not wait long before taking action!

Evening (Six of Spring): Congratulations on a job well done! This isn’t a time to be shy or humble. Even if you don’t normally seek attention, it’s healthy to bask in the glow of your accomplishments. Wonderful news is on its way to you too. It may be a promotion or an award. This card features a person of great accomplishments. Unicorns represent purity of thought, while the red rose petals show passion and commitment.

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  1. Heather libby

    That was so right on . I know my angels or who ever is my guide ? I thank them for all they do . So much we don’t realize. that they are always there waiting to assist us . Thanks again. I really appreciate what you do. Xoxo

  2. DavidB Williams.

    Julia, I can say confirmation, I was studying somethings earlier today. About Confedence, fear, my
    future, perception and on. Thank you for this reading. I payed $25 to someone to be left a bit confused.I got more much more insight and better clarity from here.


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