Mantras for Meditation: May 19 – 25

Mantras for Meditation: May 19 - 25

The Power of Mantras

We have addressed several kinds of meditation in this series and I would love to hear from you, gentle reader, regarding how some of these articles may have helped you. During this week’s mantras for meditation, however, we’re going to be introduced to a different kind of meditation: a walking meditation.

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I realize that, initially, it may seem counterproductive to consider doing a physical activity, such as walking, while trying to meditate. However, as you read on, you will see that meditation is an act of deliberate concentration toward a spiritual and physical goal, therefore, you can develop disciplines that will work regardless of what physical activity you’re performing. It’s important to note that NO meditation should ever be attempted while you’re driving or operating any kind of machinery.

Full Body Awareness

The act of a walking meditation is the concept of full awareness of your body—its movements, breath, sensations, and so much more. It’s also the ability to stretch your spiritual energies to meld with the environment around you. In the song by James Taylor, Walking Man, Mr. Taylor describes the act of a walking meditation: “Any other man stops and talks, but the walking man walks.” There is a great serenity in being completely in the moment and experiencing something without words, music or other worldly distractions.

A walking meditation is a walk where a person is fully aware of how they pace their steps and how each step feels as it connects with the earth. The simplest of movements can bring you into a fully conscious state of total awareness. So as you step out today, pay attention to your breath. Pay attention to how you are stepping. Each methodical placement of your foot is connecting you with the earth and that energy can flow right back into your body just as easily as it left. Breathe deeply and see the world around you!

May 19

“Today I will not compare myself to anyone else. I am fulfilled, and I am filled full. I am content.”

This can be a wonderful day, according to your mantras for meditation! You may notice that you’re beginning to focus on your needs as much as you focus on the needs of others. Great job! You may find yourself feeling lighter and happier today as a result of your efforts.

May 20

“I was born with all the knowledge I will ever need in this journey. I will quiet my mind and remember them.”

You may find yourself considering a long-term project that has many attachments. You may notice that this has become an ever-growing contemplation and it may even be taking over a great deal of your peace of mind. If so, take yourself for a walk today and ask your inner self why this action is becoming so important. Are there other reasons you may be feeling restless?

May 21

“This is a day that is the result of my hard work and my intentions. I will embrace it fully and with gratitude.”

This may be a very gentle day for you, according to your mantras for meditation. In addition to the normal things that take up your time, you may also find that you’ve given yourself some well-deserved treats, such as a long bath or a quiet moment of reflection while you enjoy your favorite tea. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

May 22

“Today I will breathe in, breathe out, and move on with grace, gratitude, and understanding.”

You may find yourself in a moment of confrontation with a coworker or with someone else who is close to you. This may feel uncomfortable and you may feel unsure of yourself too. Remember, when most people are upset and venting in your direction, it’s usually a result of their own insecurities and a projection of their emotions rather than a direct result of something you said or did.

May 23

“As I embrace this day, I will cherish all that has brought me to this point in my life and I will walk into the future with confidence. I have survived, and I have thrived, and I will do it again!”

This looks like it could be a day filled with amazing opportunities! Try to keep your mind, eyes, and ears open for new doors that can open totally different worlds for you. What have you been seeking? It certainly may be much closer than you realize.

May 24

“This is the day to embrace my inner child and we will have some fun today.”

Today can be a day of fun. Just fun; nothing serious or contemplative. There is also a great deal of healing that can be enjoyed while you are letting your hair down! When was the last time you flew a kite (one of my favorite things!) Or when did you last blow bubbles from a bottle? You are never too old to be a little kid. It’s good for you!

May 25

“I will approach this day with a victorious heart and a virtuous mind. I have all I need, and I will bring to my life the things I desire for my future.”

As we wind up this week, I hope you’ll be able to see the wonderful times you have created in your life. You are changing for the better; for the best! Your mantras for meditation say this is a day that can certainly bring about true fulfillment. Just look at your life, all you’ve learned, and all you’ve accomplished on your journey so far. Nothing has defeated you and kept you down. With every day and every step, you have risen above each challenge. You are a diamond! You were already brilliant, however, you just needed to learn to shine!

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